Affiliate Events
There are 16 upcoming and 417 past affiliate events.

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC)

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC)
17-20 July 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Past Affiliate Events

June 2018
7-8 June 2018
May 2018
17-19 May 2018
Hong Kong, China
16-17 May 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
15-16 May 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria
April 2018
24-25 April 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark
10-12 April 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
March 2018
21 March 2018
London, England
5-7 March 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
2-5 March 2018
Cascais (Lisbon), Portugal
February 2018
21 February 2018
Austin, Texas
10 February 2018
London, England
9 February 2018
London, England
7-8 February 2018
London, England
7 February 2018
London, England
7-10 February 2018
London, England
6 February 2018
London, England
6-7 February 2018
London, England
January 2018
7-8 January 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2017
25 November 2017
St. Julian's, Malta
24 November 2017
St. Julian's
24 November 2017
St. Julian's, Malta
24 November 2017
St. Julian's, Malta
23 November 2017
St. Julian's, Malta
22 November 2017
Ta’ Qali, Malta
22 November 2017
St. Julian's, Malta
22-25 November 2017
Ta’ Qali, Malta
9 November 2017
Munich, Germany
6-9 November 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
4 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
3 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
2 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
1 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
1 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
1-4 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
1-4 November 2017
Berlin, Germany
October 2017
24-25 October 2017
London, England
8 October 2017
London, England
September 2017
14-17 September 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
12-13 September 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria
1 September 2017
Bucharest, Romania
August 2017
21-23 August 2017
New York, New York
July 2017
30 July 2017 - 1 August 2017
New York, New York
14 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11-14 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11-14 July 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2017
15-17 May 2017
San Francisco, California
April 2017
27-28 April 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
6-7 April 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
March 2017
20-22 March 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2017
21-22 February 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
12 February 2017
London, England
11 February 2017
London, England
9 February 2017
London, England
9-12 February 2017
London, England
9-12 February 2017
London, England
8 February 2017
London, England
7 February 2017
London, England
January 2017
15-17 January 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2016
16-19 November 2016
St. George's Bay, Malta
9 November 2016
Munich, Germany
October 2016
20-23 October 2016
Berlin, Germany
20-23 October 2016
Berlin, Germany
11-13 October 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 2016
27 September 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 2016
23-25 August 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa
22-24 August 2016
New York, New York
July 2016
31 July 2016 - 2 August 2016
New York, New York
18-19 July 2016
Berlin, Germany
9 July 2016
Silverstone, United Kingdom
4-5 July 2016
Amsterdam , Netherlands
June 2016
22-23 June 2016
New York, New York
16 June 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
10 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
9 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7-10 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7-10 June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2016
3 May 2016
Austin, Texas
April 2016
3-5 April 2016
San Francisco, California
March 2016
15-17 March 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2016
7 February 2016
London, England
5 February 2016
London, England
4 February 2016
London, England
4-7 February 2016
London, England
4-7 February 2016
London, England
4 February 2016
London, England
3 February 2016
London, England
2 February 2016
London, England
January 2016
10-12 January 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2015
7-9 December 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
November 2015
21-22 November 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel
19-20 November 2015
Yerevan, Armenia
4-7 November 2015
St. George's Bay, Malta
October 2015
29-30 October 2015
London, England
26-28 October 2015
Johannesburg, South Africa
25 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
24 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
23 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
22 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
22-25 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
22-25 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
20-22 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
19 October 2015
Berlin, Germany
13-15 October 2015
Santa Barbara, California
13 October 2015
London, England
8-9 October 2015
New Dehli, India
September 2015
24-25 September 2015
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15 September 2015
San Francisco, California
3 September 2015
Moscow, Russian Federation
2 September 2015
Cairo, Egypt
August 2015
2-4 August 2015
New York, New York
July 2015
23 July 2015
Northampton, England
June 2015
26 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
25 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
23 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
23 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
23-26 June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 2015
28 April 2015
London, England
20 April 2015
Austin, Texas
March 2015
5 March 2015
Kiev, Ukraine
February 2015
4 February 2015
London, England
3 February 2015
London, England
1 February 2015
London, England
January 2015
31 January 2015 - 3 February 2015
London, England
31 January 2015 - 3 February 2015
London, England
18-20 January 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2014
31 October 2014 - 1 November 2014
St. George's Bay, Malta
23-26 October 2014
Barcelona, Spain
21-23 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
6-9 October 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 2014
30 September 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2014
10-12 August 2014
New York, New York
July 2014
25-28 July 2014
Niagara Falls, Canada
June 2014
27 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
25 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24-27 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24-25 June 2014
Berlin, Germany
17 June 2014
Denver, Colorado
March 2014
17-20 March 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
10-11 March 2014
3-4 March 2014
East Sussex, United Kingdom
February 2014
9 February 2014
London, England
8 February 2014
London, England
7 February 2014
London, England
6-9 February 2014
London, England
5 February 2014
London, England
5 February 2014
London, England
4 February 2014
London, England
January 2014
12-14 January 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2013
29-30 October 2013
London, England
21-24 October 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
3-6 October 2013
Barcelona, Spain
3-6 October 2013
Barcelona, Spain
September 2013
11-12 September 2013
11-12 September 2013
Moscow, Russian Federation
August 2013
18-20 August 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16-19 August 2013
Niagara Falls, Canada
July 2013
June 2013
14 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11-14 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11-14 June 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2013
30 May 2013 - 1 June 2013
Sao Paulo, Brazil
April 2013
22-25 April 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 2013
12 March 2013
New York, New York
February 2013
10 February 2013
London, England
9 February 2013
London, England
8 February 2013
London, England
7 February 2013
London, England
7 February 2013
London, England
7-10 February 2013
London, England
6 February 2013
London, England
5 February 2013
London, England
January 2013
20-22 January 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2012
6 December 2012
London, England
November 2012
8-9 November 2012
Moscow, Russian Federation
October 2012
16-18 October 2012
Barcelona, Spain
15-19 October 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
11-14 October 2012
Barcelona, Spain
11-14 October 2012
Barcelona, Spain
September 2012
24 September 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
August 2012
23 August 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
22 August 2012
Online - British Summer Time
17-20 August 2012
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
12-14 August 2012
New York, New York
July 2012
17 July 2012
London, England
June 2012
26 June 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
13 June 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
May 2012
22-25 May 2012
Dublin, Ireland
22 May 2012
County Wicklow, Ireland
17 May 2012
London, England
15-16 May 2012
Austin, Texas
April 2012
18 April 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
17-18 April 2012
London, England
12-13 April 2012
March 2012
26-27 March 2012
Paris, France
22 March 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
5-8 March 2012
Barcelona, Spain
February 2012
January 2012
26-29 January 2012
London, England
26 January 2012
London, England
25-26 January 2012
London, England
25 January 2012
London, England
24 January 2012
London, England
24-26 January 2012
London, England
11 January 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
9 January 2012
Online - Pacific Standard Time
8-10 January 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2011
1-2 December 2011
London, England
November 2011
18-19 November 2011
Madrid, Spain
9 November 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
7-10 November 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2011
26 October 2011
London, United Kingdom
26 October 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
11 October 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
5 October 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
September 2011
29-30 September 2011
London, England
28 September 2011
London, England
20-22 September 2011
Milan, Italy
8-11 September 2011
Barcelona, Spain
August 2011
21-23 August 2011
New York, New York
2 August 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
July 2011
15-18 July 2011
Niagara Falls, Canada
14 July 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
7 July 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
June 2011
May 2011
24 May 2011
Dublin, Ireland
24-26 May 2011
Dublin, Ireland
April 2011
28 April 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
19 April 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
14 April 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
March 2011
31 March 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
24-26 March 2011
Paris, France
February 2011
January 2011
27-30 January 2011
London, England
27 January 2011
London, England
26 January 2011
London, England
19 January 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
19 January 2011
Miami, Florida
18 January 2011
Online - Pacific Standard Time
9-11 January 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2010
30 November 2010 - 2 December 2010
Stockholm, Sweden
5-6 November 2010
Madrid, Spain
October 2010
12 October 2010
Moscow, Russian Federation
7-10 October 2010
Budapest, Hungary
7 October 2010
Budapest, Hungary
6 October 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
September 2010
29 September 2010 - 1 October 2010
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
22 September 2010
London, England
15 September 2010
Paris, France
August 2010
27-30 August 2010
Niagara Falls, Canada
15-17 August 2010
New York, New York
June 2010
25-27 June 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 2010
25-28 May 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
25 May 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
April 2010
15-16 April 2010
Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 April 2010
London, England
March 2010
24-25 March 2010
Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia
January 2010
28-31 January 2010
London, England
28 January 2010
London, England
27 January 2010
London, England
17-19 January 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2009
3-4 December 2009
Los Angeles, California
November 2009
25-27 November 2009
Stockholm, Sweden
October 2009
30-31 October 2009
Madrid, Spain
September 2009
10-13 September 2009
Budapest, Hungary
August 2009
9-11 August 2009
New York, New York
July 2009
24-26 July 2009
Niagara Falls, Canada
June 2009
26 June 2009
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
18-19 June 2009
Denver, Colorado
1-2 June 2009
Airport City, Israel
April 2009
30 April 2009 - 3 May 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 2009
30-31 March 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 2009
January 2009
29 January 2009
London, England
29 January 2009 - 1 February 2009
London, England
28 January 2009
London, England
11-13 January 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2008
25-28 November 2008
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
20-21 November 2008
Macau, Macau
5 November 2008
London, England
September 2008
27 September 2008
Barcelona, Spain
25-28 September 2008
Barcelona, Spain
August 2008
10-12 August 2008
Boston, Massachusetts
June 2008
7-8 June 2008
Moscow, Russian Federation
May 2008
April 2008
3 April 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands
3-5 April 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 2008
February 2008
23-26 February 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2008
30 January 2008
London, England
25 January 2008
London, England
25-27 January 2008
London, England
24 January 2008
London, England
November 2007
28-29 November 2007
Macau, Macau
October 2007
August 2007
27-28 August 2007
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 2007
7-11 June 2007
Paradise Island, Bahamas
May 2007
3-5 May 2007
Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 2007
31 January 2007
London, England
24-27 January 2007
London, England
September 2006
14-15 September 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 2006
20-23 May 2006
Miami Beach, Florida
April 2006
9-10 April 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 2005
11-12 September 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2005
17-19 June 2005
Miami Beach, Florida
April 2005
7-8 April 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 2004
3-4 October 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 2004
15-16 April 2004
Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 2003
14-15 September 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 2003
3-4 April 2003
Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 2002
25-27 September 2002
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Affiliate Event News
AffiliateFEST unveils 2018 agenda
12 Jun 2018
On 19 September, AffiliateFEST will feature a string of digital marketing experts and well-known industry figures at the event that will be held alongside the Betting On Sports Conference in London. read more »
Affiliate Grand Slam heads to Kiev
9 Jun 2018
The Affiliate Grand Slam returns to Europe, 9-10 August, with 200 elite affiliates joining a select group of operators. read more »
Ronnie O’Sullivan signs up for Betting on Sports snooker session
21 May 2018
Five-time world champion Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan will be sending delegates ‘Snooker loopy’ at this year’s Betting on Sports conference in London (18-21 September). read more »
SiGMA to exhibit at G2E Asia
2 May 2018
G2E Asia will be held 15-17 May at The Venetian Macao. read more »
Registration open for iGB Live! 2018
26 Mar 2018
The event, which will take place between 17-20 July, and bring together the iGaming Super Show, EiG and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. read more »
Affiliate Grand Slam 2018 to be held in Hong Kong
19 Mar 2018
The event will host more than 150 affiliates, six sponsors and six operators at the luxurious Island Shangri-La hotel on 18 May. read more »
Sports betting entrepreneurs join Affiliate Insider Bootcamp lineup
28 Feb 2018
Scheduled for 21 March during the Betting on Football conference, the first edition bootcamp will assist affiliates in obtaining knowledge on digital growth. read more »
SiGMA 2018 space sells out quickly
23 Feb 2018
The upcoming conference's floor space is almost fully booked, with 80% already assigned to big names in the gaming industry. read more »
Raketech wins Best Financial Website at iGB Affiliate Awards
15 Feb 2018
The company's Swedish financial services website was recognized for its content and user experience. read more »
SiGMA raises record funds with BiG Sports Dinner
12 Feb 2018
The dinner at SiGMA on 22 November raised over 26,000 EUR for charities such as the Malta Community Chest Fund. read more »
Income Access to exhibit at ICE Totally Gaming and London Affiliate Conference
30 Jan 2018
The marketing tech company will showcase its solutions at global gaming industry B2B event and affiliate marketing conference in UK capital. read more »
Income Access to visit ICE London and LAC
29 Jan 2018
Paysafe's marketing and technology services provider will be present at both ICE Totally Gaming and the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Affiliate Grand Slam visits Hong Kong
17 Jan 2018
The team behind SiGMA will bring the affiliate-focused event into the Asian market from 17-19 May. read more »
Malta Gaming Authority speaks at SiGMA 2017
29 Nov 2017
Members of the MGA participated in a host of panels during the event in Malta, held from 22-25 November. read more »
Inaugural Videoslots Awards to be held during SiGMA
21 Nov 2017
On 24 November in Malta, the online casino operator will host its first ever awards ceremony, recognizing the industry's best suppliers and slots. read more »
Btobet to examine the iGaming industry at SiGMA
21 Nov 2017
With a standout performance planned, the company will demonstrate a new way to look at business partnerships in iGaming. read more »
BtoBet plans show-stopping display for SiGMA
16 Nov 2017
The company will offer special insight into the future needs of the iGaming industry with a unique presentation. read more »
Enteractive to tackle GDPR at SiGMA
16 Nov 2017
The player retention solution provider will discuss the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation's effect on the iGaming industry. read more »
Income Access to exhibit at SiGMA
16 Nov 2017
From 22-25 November in Malta, the digital marketing technology and services provider will showcase its range of solutions. read more »
EvenBet showcasing product portfolio at SiGMA
14 Nov 2017
From 23-24 November in Malta, the company will display its core poker and daily fantasy sports products. read more »
Boss Gaming Studio confirms SiGMA 2017 attendance
13 Nov 2017
The company will display its white-label casino solution and platform at the summit in Malta from 22-25 November. read more »
SiGMA returns with Startup Pitch 2017
8 Nov 2017
The event will invite hundreds of startups to pitch their businesses in front of seven investors. read more »
R. Franco Digital brings LatAm experise to SiGMA
8 Nov 2017
The company will show off its gaming solutions and experience with both European and Latin American markets from 22-25 November in Malta. read more »
Record number of judges selected for iGB Affiliate Awards
30 Oct 2017
The 2018 awards ceremony will invite over 100 independent judges from around the world to select winners across 24 award categories. read more »
Income Access to visit Berlin Affiliate Conference
26 Oct 2017
From 1-4 November, the company will promote its full range of marketing services and meet with affiliates, operators and other industry stakeholders. read more »
iSoftBet to make the rounds at iGaming shows
25 Oct 2017
The company will exhibit at three of the industry's largest events over the next two months, including EiG Berlin, the Macau Gaming Show and SiGMA. read more »
iGB Affiliate releases networking schedule for Berlin Affiliate Conference
17 Oct 2017
Highlights will include an official opening party on 1 November, a bash at BRICKS Club and an unwind session on 4 November. read more »
Ihre Consulting to exhibit at SiGMA
2 Oct 2017
The affiliate network and management agency will appear on the floor of SiGMA for the first time at booth B59 from 22-25 November. read more »
World-class speakers to share knowledge at BAC
22 Sep 2017
The 2017 Berlin Affiliate Conference, taking place from 1-4 November, will host the industry's leading minds and over 3,250 attendees. read more »
Income Access to sponsor third annual AffiliateFEST
24 Aug 2017
The iGaming event, to be held on 10 October in London, will focus on sharing insights on digital growth hacking. read more »
APCW Perspectives: Reporting from the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
14 Jul 2017
J. Todd is reporting on the action at the iGaming Super Show and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. Also, he's covering the online gambling news from Holland, Israel and China. read more »
iSoftBet makes iGaming Super Show debut
3 Jul 2017
The online and mobile casino content provider will relaunch its social media channels via an exciting competition, offering delegates a chance to win an iPad Pro and Bose headphones. read more »
GLI to offer expert advice at iGaming Super Show
30 Jun 2017
Gaming Laboratories International will discuss iGaming-related issues during the show, taking place in Amsterdam from 11-14 July. read more »
Breakout Gaming to launch casino at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
29 Jun 2017
The iGaming company's casino brand, to be introduced during the conference that runs from 11-14 July, will feature over 1,000 branded and original slots from providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Pariplay. read more »
First Affiliate Grand Slam finds success
1 May 2017
Five operators and over 250 affiliates gathered in Tallinn, Estonia, networking and enjoying all the city had to offer. read more »
Inaugural Nordic Affiliate Conference sold out
4 Apr 2017
The new event will feature key affiliate, media agencies, advertising networks and operators from 6-7 April in Stockholm. read more »
London Affiliate Conference announces 2017 success
2 Mar 2017
LAC organizers are proud to announce a record-breaking turnout for the latest edition of the conference after moving the venue to the ExCel. read more »
Affiliate Grand Slam to be held in Tallinn in April
17 Feb 2017
With the support of five operators, 200 affiliates will be flown to the city of Tallinn, Estonia, for two nights of entertainment and networking. read more »
Codeta scores at iGB Affiliate Awards
16 Feb 2017
The live dealer operator's affiliate program, Codetaff, was named Best Newcomer Affiliate Program of the Year at the ceremony, held in London following the second day of the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
iGB Affiliate announces LAC networking schedule
2 Feb 2017
The information provider for the iGaming affiliate industry has revealed its schedule for this year's London Affiliate Conference, taking place from 9-12 February. read more »
Breakout Gaming Group launches affiliate program with Income Access
24 Jan 2017
The company, whose offering includes sportsbook, casino, poker, skill gaming and financials, has launched its BreakoutAffiliates program with the help of industry-leading software. read more »
iGB confirms schedule of conferences for 2017
22 Dec 2016
iGaming Business, the most respected information provider for the interactive gaming sector, has confirmed its 2017 lineup of events that promise to set the agenda for the industry over the next 12 months. read more »
iGB Affiliate announces BAC networking schedule
14 Oct 2016
Starting 20 October, this year's Berlin Affiliate Conference will offer a comprehensive selection of networking events. read more »
Income Access to attend EiG and BAC
13 Oct 2016
The company, part of Paysafe Group, will be participating in a panel discussion at EiG Expo and exhibiting at the Berlin Affiliate Conference. read more »
Tipbet to act as Registration Sponsor for Berlin Affiliate Conference
26 Sep 2016
The sports betting provider will assist guests with the registration process during the event, to be held from 20 until 23 October. read more »
iGB Affiliate announces BAC schedule
18 Aug 2016
iGB Affiliate have released the full conference schedule for the Berlin Affiliate Conference, taking place Oct. 20-23, 2016. read more »
Join Tipbet Affiliates at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
6 Jun 2016
New affiliates can earn 60% revenue share for the first three months. read more »
APCW Perspectives: Affiliates react to ActiveWins
3 Jun 2016
This week's video examines the recent actions of the ActiveWins affiliate program and how those actions could hurt online gambling webmasters. Plus, we're discussing industry news out of Quebec and looking at the upcoming Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. read more »
Meet Tipbet affiliate managers at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
1 Jun 2016
Meet Tipbet brand ambassador Saki and watch him perform impressive football body tricks, or meet the Tipbet girls and get a chance to win an amazing quadcopter drone. read more »
Full list of iGB Affiliate Awards winners
10 Feb 2016
Twenty-five winners were announced at the awards ceremony on Feb. 4 in London. read more »
Pinnacle Sports offering $500,000 max bet on Super Bowl, promo for affiliates
5 Feb 2016
All new sports and casino affiliates who sign up with Pinnacle Sports during the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) have a chance to win a slice of $2,000 just by predicting the total points scored in the game. read more »
Lyceum Fire & Ice Party to be held Wednesday night
3 Feb 2016
Now in its 15th year, Fire & Ice welcomes both longtime friends, who have attended the party since 2002, as well as new friends who have recently joined the industry. read more »
Income Access taking meetings for ICE, LAC
26 Jan 2016
The Income Access team in London will include company founder and CEO Nicky Senyard as well as a team of senior executives. read more »
Energy Casino adds experienced UK Country Manager
22 Jan 2016
Daniel Hurley joins the online casino brand from BetSocial, where he handled the firm's marketing and affiliates. read more »
Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield to represent 10Bet, Real Deal Bet at LAC
12 Jan 2016
This February, 10Bet Casino & Games and Real Deal Bet Casino will be exhibiting for the first time at iGB's London Affiliate Conference and plan to make a strong impression read more »
iAffiliates launches Loyalty Club promotion
2 Nov 2015
Affiliates who refer the most players and accrue the most loyalty points will win a trip of their choice to one of 10 locations around the world. read more »
Attendance for Berlin Affiliate Conference up in 2015
30 Oct 2015
There was a 37% increase in attendance for both BAC and the Financial Partners Expo last week. read more »
Income Access to attend EiG, BAC
16 Oct 2015
The Income Access team in Berlin, Germany, will include company founder and CEO Nicky Senyard and a number of senior executives. read more »
Platin Casino to launch new affiliate program with Income Access at BAC
14 Oct 2015
The Isle of Man-based casino will use Income Access' award-winning affiliate management platform with its new program. read more »
News from Condor Affiliates
9 Oct 2015
(PRESS RELEASE) -- There's lots going on at Condor Affiliates these days!<br><br><b><a href="" target="OCC">b-Bets</a>, Rembrandt and Sieger with New Welco... read more »
iGB Affiliate announces 'Big jackpots, bigger commissions' panel at BAC 2015
29 Sep 2015
The panel will take place on Oct. 23, the first day of the 2015 Berlin Affiliate Conference. read more »
iGB Affiliate announces speaker lineup for Berlin Affiliate Conference
16 Sep 2015
Rahul Sood, CEO at eSports giant Unikrn, and Helen Taylor, head of lottery at Cherry Affiliates, headline the list of speakers. read more »
Headline sponsors for Berlin Affiliate Conference announced
8 Sep 2015
The sponsors are Affiliates United (William Hill),, E-Gaming Online, iAffiliates and 24option. read more »
DeckMedia offering free flight to Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
29 Apr 2015
The iGaming world is set to descent on Amsterdam this June for the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, and leading affiliate program DeckMedia has decided it 'May as well' fly a competition winner to the Dutch capital for free. read more »
Harbour Gaming launches flagship U.K. brand:
18 Feb 2015
Built on the B3W Gaming Platform, provides players with Casino and Live Games including betting on lottery, dice and poker broadcast over live feeds. read more »
Income Access presenting at both LAC and ICe
30 Jan 2015
Income Access executives will be presenting at the two conferences, where the company will also be providing demonstrations of its acquisition-tracking software, including the recently launched mobile app-tracking solution. read more »
ApolloBet to exhibit at LAC
30 Jan 2015
ApolloBet, the UK-based iGaming operator behind the online sportsbook and casino brand, has announced that the company will exhibit at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) between 31st January and 3rd February 2015. The ApolloBet team will be exhibiting at the LAC stand of Income Access, the technology and digital marketing company whose platform powers ApolloBet’s new affiliate programme. read more »
Sponsors announced for the London Affiliate Conference 2015
15 Dec 2014
For those who are in the iGaming affiliate industry LAC is the must-attend event in 2015. read more »
Players Choice Awards added to iGB Affiliate Awards
10 Dec 2014
iGB Affiliate announced today they will be adding four brand new awards to the iGB Affiliate Awards which is set to take place on 1st February 2015 at Chelsea Football Club during the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
VIP Stakes to attend Barcelona Affiliate Conference
9 Oct 2014
VIP Stakes, a Malta-based online gaming operator, has announced that delegates of the company will attend the Barcelona Affiliate Conference 2014 to present its recently launched affiliate programme – VIP Affs. read more »
DeckMedia offering free trip to Amsterdam in selfie competition
30 Apr 2014
Online casino affiliate program DeckMedia is giving affiliates the chance to win an all-expenses trip to the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference - and all they need to do is take a selfie. read more »
bet365 receives accolades at iGaming Business Affiliate Awards
20 Mar 2014
The seventh annual iGaming Business Affiliate Awards ceremony was held during the London Affiliates Conference, at the city’s Lancaster hotel. Following similar success on previous occasions, bet365 won awards in several categories read more »
Affiliate Republik's Adnan Maslo wins two awards
24 Feb 2014
Adnan Maslo, Program Director at Affiliate Republik, scooped two awards at this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards, only the second person to have ever won two awards in the same year at this landmark event. read more »
Referback awarded Best Affiliate Program at iGB Affiliate Awards
20 Feb 2014
JackpotCity Casino is a proud member of Referback’s portfolio of established and long-standing online casino brands. read more »
ActiveWins to exhibit at LAC
31 Jan 2014
The ActiveWins affiliate network, which represents some of the top global iGaming brands including Betfred Casino, has announced that the company will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming London Affiliate Conference, in London, UK, which takes place from Friday 7th February to Sunday 9th February 2014. read more »
Income Access to exhibit at London Affiliate Conference
29 Jan 2014
Income Access, a turnkey provider of technology and digital marketing solutions for the iGaming industry, has announced that the company will be exhibiting at the London Affiliate Conference (LAC), in London, UK, from 7th to 9th February 2014. read more »
First magazine for online slots players launches in U.K.
14 Jan 2014
Jackpots Review Magazine will provide Britain’s online slot players with independent consumer reviews of online slot machines and open them to a virtual universe of new games. read more »
Locus Gaming to unveil new deal at BAC
2 Oct 2013
Jack Gold operator will offer 50 percent revenue share. read more »
Income Access to exhibit at Barcelona Affiliate Conference
30 Sep 2013
The digital marketing company will officially launch new ad-serving software at major European performance marketing event in early October. read more »
Fortune Affiliates giving away tailor-made extreme adventure
25 Sep 2013
The lucky affiliate, who will be chosen at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference, will win the unforgettable extreme adventure of their choice. read more »
Jack Gold Casino wins Best Mobile Site
13 Sep 2013
The Locus Gaming online casino took home the award at the inaugural Mobile Gaming and Gambling Awards. read more »
Jon Quinton to speak at Barcelona Affiliate Conference
4 Sep 2013
Quinton is an SEO consultant at SEOgadget, a digital marketing agency. read more »
iGaming industry set for first Virtual Gaming Show
29 Aug 2013
The conference is a free-to-attend event held entirely online. read more »
Barcelona Affiliate Conference announces new speakers
27 Aug 2013
The new additions will be joining the likes of Dave Naylor, Ralph Tegtmeier (aka fantomaster), Nick Garner, Paul Reilly and Julia Logan (aka IrishWonder). read more »
London Affiliate Conference 2014 to move to new venue
20 Aug 2013
The 2014 event will also see the addition of a new Marketing Acquisition zone which will feature a wide variety of service providers in the digital marketing sphere. read more »
Moscow will host second annual RACE exhibition 11-12 September
19 Jul 2013
RACE exhibition is the only professional networking venue in Russia for the owners of affiliate programs and affiliates, advertisers and advertising platforms, all those involved in Internet marketing, and eCommerce professionals. read more »
The EveryMatrix 250k Euro Giveaway announces its winner
17 Jul 2013
The winner is Jamie Toulson, the founder of Grabbit Gaming, a company providing outsourcing services to the online gaming sector. read more »
Barcelona Affiliate Conference incorporates iGB Espana for second year, guaranteeing successful event
9 Jul 2013
With the triumph of last year, bringing the events together for a second year makes sense. Incorporating iGB Espana into BAC ensures that the industry can get the most out of both events. read more »
Come chill with AffPower in Amsterdam!
4 Jun 2013
The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference takes place from 11th to 14th June at the Amsterdam RAI. read more »
iGaming 4 Business Conference confirms impressive speakers for regulator panel
31 May 2013
The panel will be taking place at the iGaming 4 Business Conference, which is part of the iGaming Super Show, which is taking place at the RAI in Amsterdam on the 11th – 14th June 2013. read more »
Active Win to launch affiliate program for Betfred at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
30 May 2013
The event will showcase the digital marketing agency’s new business relationship with Betfred and host the launch of their ActiveWins affiliate program. read more »
AffPower will be in Amsterdam
28 May 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Meet us at AAC 2013! AffPower will be attending the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference and want to meet you! After four years we finally get to go back to where it all began and enjoy o... read more »
Nevada Gaming Board Chairman AG Burnett speaking at iGaming Executive Conference (Amsterdam)
16 May 2013
Burnett will be speaking on his home state of Nevada and its aspirations as an iGaming leader. read more »
John Burzichelli announced as speaker for iGaming Super Show
14 May 2013
Burzichelli has been a key figure in New Jersey’s vision to become a national hub for U.S. online gaming and was vital to the success of the bill now signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. read more »
Frank Fahrenkopf announced as keynote speaker for iGaming Super Show
10 May 2013
Fahrenkopf will be speaking at the iGaming Executive Conference and the iGaming 4 Business Conference, which are both part of the iGaming Super Show. read more »
Facebook to speak at mGaming & Social Gambling Summit at iGaming Super Show
10 May 2013
Owen ODonoghue and Olly Sewell, who run Gaming Marketing Solutions for Facebook, will be speaking at the mGaming & Social Gambling Summit. read more »
Mojo Affiliates looks to cause some "Amsterdamage"
24 Apr 2013
Mojo Affiliates is taking two lucky affiliates with them, all expenses paid, to the canal city for the Amsterdam iGaming Super Show. read more »
Second Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo to be held in October
21 Mar 2013
At this year’s London Affiliate Conference, RACE was noted among the world's leading affiliate marketing events scheduled for 2013. read more »
Award for Best Newcomer Affiliate Program goes to Affiliate REPUBLIK
25 Feb 2013
Affiliate REPUBLIK took home the Best Newcomer Affiliate Program award, which was voted and judged by peers within the online gambling affiliate community. read more »
Income Access announce LAC prize draw winners
22 Feb 2013
The digital marketing firm and some of its partners raffle off prizes. read more »
Income Access wins iGB Affiliate Award for Best iGaming Affiliate Network
11 Feb 2013
The iGaming affiliate software and marketing company takes home the prize for top network. read more »
Income Access to present at LAC 2013
6 Feb 2013
CEO Nicky Senyard will speak on affiliate amelioration tactics on Day 2 of the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Income Access nominated for International Gaming Awards
31 Jan 2013
The digital marketing and affiliate software firm is up for best iGaming Software Supplier. read more »
Income Access announces affiliate prize draw at London Affiliate Conference
30 Jan 2013
Leading iGaming affiliate software provider will hold LAC prize draw with featured partners. read more »
AffPower will be first-time exhibitor at LAC
28 Jan 2013
The AffPower affiliate program will be exhibiting for the first time at the London Affiliate Conference, 7-10 February. read more »
Stay warm - and be cool - with Euro Partners at LAC
23 Jan 2013
Whether you’re already with Euro Partners or are interested in learning more about them, you’re more than welcome to visit with them during the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Income Access set to exhibit at LAC 2013
22 Jan 2013
The marketing and technology firm will showcase its complete iGaming solution in February at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Come and party with 138SunGame at the London Affiliate Conference 2013
17 Jan 2013
138SunGame wants their affiliates to enjoy themselves and would love for you to come join them for a chat and a drink at the 138SunGame Bar during the show. read more »
Robin Hood Bingo wins “Best New Bingo Site 2012” award
7 Jan 2013
Robin Hood Bingo has won Bingoport’s coveted “Best New Bingo Site 2012” player’s choice award. read more »
Nominations open for iGB Affiliate Awards
23 Oct 2012
Nominations will close on the 9th of November 2012. Anyone working within the iGaming Affiliate industry may enter the iGB Affiliate Awards whether nominating themselves and their organization or on behalf of a third-party individual/organization. read more »
Record number of delegates at BAC
16 Oct 2012
Significant event growth demonstrates that the affiliate market is a major acquisition tool for operators. read more »
Income Access to speak at BAC
10 Oct 2012
Income Access will showcase its latest software features and marketing services and will also speak on the advantages of social media at this year’s BAC. read more »
Intertops taking top affiliates to London and Vienna
2 Oct 2012
The Intertops affiliate with the most new-depositing players gets a trip to the London Affiliate Conference and the affiliate with the biggest net revenue increase will receive a trip to a $1,500 buy-in poker event in Vienna. read more »
Gambling Hispano Covers BAC and iGB Espana
4 Sep 2012
Gambling Hispano, the first affiliate forum community and online gaming sector in Spanish, will report back on events. read more »
OCR to cover Barcelona Affiliate Conference & iGB Espana
16 Aug 2012
Online Casino Reports will be returning as iGB Affiliate Media Partners to cover the two events. read more »
Barcelona Affiliate Conference 2012 registration now open
5 Jul 2012
Last year over 1,600 attendees participated in four days of learning, conference, exhibition and networking. read more »
iGB Affiliate double the value of BAC event
26 Jun 2012
The Barcelona Affiliate Conference will incorporate iGB Espana. read more »
The Gaming community congregates for the iGaming Super Show
22 May 2012
Already a key event in the gaming calendar, the Super Show is supported by many large brands including Paddy Power, Affiliates United,, Brightshare, Cozy Games and Paysafecard. read more »
Paddy Power reveals “ambush marketing” strategy
22 May 2012
In an iGaming Super Show session entitled “Irreverent Marketing,” Paddy Power will bring a wealth of tales and insight from one of the best known operators in the industry. read more »
Keynote speaker announced for iGaming Super Show
10 May 2012
Michael Jones, superintendent of the Illinois Lottery - the first U.S. state lottery to go online - will give delegates insight into the U.S. market. read more »
Income Access attending iGaming Super Show
8 May 2012
Income Access looks forward to discussing their specialized services at this year’s event; all affiliates, operators, and other interested parties are encouraged to set up personalized appointments. read more »
Betting Promotion nominated for two EGR B2B Awards
17 Apr 2012
Content and trading services provider recognized in Sports Betting Supplier of the Year and Services Rising Star of the Year categories. read more »
iGaming Business to launch PRiME in Dublin
2 Mar 2012
The Professional iGaming Management Education (PRiME) learning day will be held at the iGaming Super Show in May. read more »
iGaming France conference schedule released
22 Feb 2012
The iGaming France event is dedicated to the French online gambling sector and will be held March 26-27 in Paris. read more »
iGaming Super Show to take a global look
8 Feb 2012
The iGaming Super Show in May will bring many high-level speakers to Dublin to discuss the worldwide online gaming marketplace. read more »
Perspectives Weekly: J. Todd invades London
7 Feb 2012
J. Todd takes his regular mid-winter trek to the United Kingdom in search of the London Affiliate Conference. Also, major industry news from Washington, D.C. and Caesars Entertainment. read more »
Winners of iGB Affiliate Awards revealed
3 Feb 2012
The iGB Affiliate Awards were held in London on Jan. 26 and 23 winners rose on the night to accept the much deserved accolades. read more »
Everest Affiliates takes home iGB Award
1 Feb 2012
Everest Affiliates was named the the best poker affiliate program at Thursday's iGB Affiliate Awards in London. read more »
BRINGIT offering promotion to sign-ups at LAC
25 Jan 2012
The BRINGIT Affiliate Program will give 100 percent commissions for a month to all affiliates that register at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Slotland Affiliates rewarding new partners at LAC
25 Jan 2012
Slotland Affiliates will double its commission for new affiliates that register at the company’s stand at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Intertops sponsoring LAC Sunday Session
23 Jan 2012
Intertops is once again sponsoring the Sunday Session event at the London Affiliate Conference at The Paternoster. read more »
Skrill Affiliates to exhibit at LAC
18 Jan 2012
Skrill Affiliates is nominated for five iGB Affiliate Awards and will also be at Stand 50 at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
NetRefer exhibiting at ICE, LAC
16 Jan 2012
Team NetRefer will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming conference and at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Ice, Ice, Baby party promises to be bigger, better
10 Jan 2012
This year's event will take place on Jan. 24 at the Grace Bar in the heart of London’s Soho district. read more »
Income Access ready for ICE, LAC
9 Jan 2012
Income Access is attending ICE Totally Gaming and the London Affiliate Conference later this month. read more »
Play'n GO sponsoring Fire & ICE party
4 Jan 2012
Play’n GO is sponsoring Lyceum Media's annual Fire & ICE party for the second year in a row. read more »
Income Access a nominee for two iGB Affiliate Awards
23 Dec 2011
Income Access is in the running for Best iGaming Affiliate Network and Best Affiliate Manager at the iGB Affiliate Awards. read more »
ONEworks to sponsor Fire & ICE 2012
21 Dec 2011
Asian sportsbook software services provider ONEworks will be the headline sponsor of the Fire & ICE party in London next month. read more »
Shortlist for iGB Affiliate Awards released
20 Dec 2011
Over 4,000 industry affiliates and executives voted for the iGB Affiliate Awards, which will be held next month in London. read more »
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