Gaming Convention Kicks Off in Albuquerque

6 April 2004

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico -- As reported by the Native Times: ``An Indian gaming event kicked off in Albuquerque with a speech from a leading figure in the field.

The National Indian Gaming Association's four day conference is expected to draw at least four thousand people, NIGA official Liz Hill told the Native American Times. The NIGA, established in 1985, is made up of 185 gaming tribes. The Albuquerque conference, taking place at the Albuquerque Convention Center, is the 13th annual. NIGA Chairman Ernie Stevens delivered an address to open the event.

```It's going extremely well so far,' said NIGA spokesman Dave Palermo, 'We are pleased with attendance and press coverage and we look forward to a successful trade show.'

``The trade show begins Tuesday. The Las Vegas-based Gaming Standards Association said they would be featuring an exhibit that answers questions about "pay and play." The term applies to the inability to find compatibility between different operators and games..."

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