Shuffle Master to Introduce Products at G2E

7 September 2005

LAS VEGAS -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Shuffle Master, Inc. (NASDAQ National Market: SHFL) announced today that it will introduce several new products at this year's Global Gaming Expo being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 13-15. In addition to exhibiting well-established Utility Products like the Ace® and Deck Mate® automatic card shufflers and Entertainment Products like Three Card Poker® and Let It Ride Bonus®, the Company's booth will feature the following:

Utility Products

- Key components of the Intelligent Table System(TM), currently in development with IGT and Progressive Gaming International. A comprehensive, automated table gaming management solution that integrates RFID bet recognition, card recognition, game reporting, player tracking, patron loyalty and Bonusing applications, the Intelligent Table System represents the future of table gaming, and Shuffle Master's booth will feature two tables equipped with ITS technology and will highlight the following products:

- IS-T1(TM), a smart alternative to a traditional shoe that increases baccarat and blackjack game security by reading the rank and suit of each card being dealt. The IS-T1 holds up to eight decks of shuffled cards and works with any type of playing card.

- IS-B1(TM), a premium card reading shoe that automatically delivers the next card to be dealt to the front of the shoe to increase game speed and reduce dealer repetitive stress. The IS-B1 works with any type of playing card, and the baccarat version interfaces with an attractive display to post the outcome of each round.

- The Easy Chipper®, a next-generation chip sorting device that sorts different size chips quickly and efficiently. Developed by CARD, the Easy Chipper optimizes roulette wheel game play by dramatically increasing the volume of chips sorted, and its patented color reading system accurately sorts up to 10 different color chips while separating non-programmed ones.

- The MD2 Workstation(TM), a stand-alone workstation that conducts speedy back-of-house deck checking and verification. By combining the multi-tasking capability of the MD2 batch shuffler with proprietary software that counts, reads and verifies every card, the MD2 Workstation produces detailed reports that reveal the accuracy and composition of each deck.

Entertainment Products

- Ultimate Texas Hold'em(TM), a new table game featuring head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet that pays odds if the player's final five-card hand is a three-of-a-kind or better. A variation of Texas Hold'em, Ultimate Texas Hold'em gives the player several advantages--the earlier a player bets, the more he can bet, and players don't have to fold until they've seen all community cards, including the river.

- Mississippi Stud(TM), an exciting new five-card poker game that lets players bet up to 10 units on a single hand and features a top payout of 500 to 1 for a Royal Flush. In Mississippi Stud, players compete against a paytable, not against the dealer, and win if their hand is a pair of 6s or better.

- Bet the Set "21"(TM), a side bet for blackjack that focuses on the first two cards a player receives, with the top hand, a pair in suit, receiving payouts as high as 25 to 1. With the ability to turn a losing blackjack hand into a big winner, Bet the Set features paytables for single, double and multi-deck games.

- Table Master(TM), an electronic multiple-player table game with five player stations that enables casinos to offer table game hits like Royal Match 21 Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Dragon Bonus Baccarat and Let It Ride Bonus at a fraction of the cost of live tables. Featuring a video dealer with exciting player interaction, Table Master nearly doubles the number of hands played per hour and offers greater flexibility in game wager amounts.

- Rapid Roulette(TM), a roulette table that enables players to place their wagers on a computer generated Roulette table layout. Developed by Stargames Corporation Ltd. and Crown Ltd., Rapid Roulette is exclusively distributed by Shuffle Master throughout North and South America, the Caribbean and cruise ships departing therefrom.

"The significant development in our Utility Products segment during the last year is evident in the new products we will feature at G2E," stated David Lopez, Vice President of Product Management. "Most notably are the intelligent shoes that are part of the Intelligent Table System we are currently developing with IGT and Progressive Gaming and the Ameranth poker room management software that will be integrated with our Deck Mate shuffler. We will also highlight our MD2 Workstation that provides accurate, detailed deck verification for back-of-house operations and our Easy Chipper roulette chip sorter which is rapidly gaining momentum through multiple-unit installations at several key casinos."

Paul C. Meyer, President and Chief Operating Officer, commented that this year Shuffle Master will display more table games than ever before. "Our G2E Entertainment Products line-up features ten well-established specialty games, and the four new titles we will showcase have already received positive feedback. Of particular note is Ultimate Texas Hold'em which brings popular poker action into the pit and increases its appeal with a lucrative side bet and enhanced betting structure. We will also debut two new Table Master game selections including Royal Match 21 blackjack, and Dragon Bonus baccarat. All in all, Shuffle Master will be demonstrating more Entertainment and Utility products than ever before, and we are looking forward to a successful, productive show."

"In addition to our extensive product line-up, this year's G2E booth will feature a display chronicling the history of the gaming industry's content and delivery systems and will highlight the numerous ways in which table game content is currently delivered," stated Mark L. Yoseloff, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "A prominent highlight of the display will be our popular Three Card Poker game available for play on wireless handheld devices, and we will also preview some of the technologies that will shape gaming in the future."

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