Global Interactive Gaming Summit for Executives (GIGSE) 2008

Event Type:Conference
When:20-22 May 2008
Where:St. Julian's, Malta
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:Clarion Events Ltd

In 2008, GIGSE has evolved to a new format - an "invitation only" event - designed to bring together select business visionaries, with a sprinkling of academic and government leaders. Together, they will explore the past, present and future of this nascent industry which is constantly being reshaped by sometimes surprising changes. High-profile keynote speakers from outside the industry are being secured. In addition, a series of collaborative closed-door discussions, exploring the critical issues for the industry - as chosen by the participants - will be a fundamental aspect of the conference. The Summit will be targeted primarily to online gaming operators from around the globe with limited involvement by suppliers, governments and industry associations. Attendance will be reserved for invited founders, CEOs, Board Members, Managing Directors and/or selected C-Level executives (CMO, CTO, CFO) and will operate under the Chatham House Rule.

Global Interactive Gaming Summit for Executives (GIGSE) 2008 News
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