iGB Live! 2018 Exhibitors and Sponsors

iGB Live! 2018

Event Type:Conference
When:18-20 July 2018
Where:Amsterdam Rai
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Audience:Affiliate, Online Gaming

Clarion Gaming has announced the launch of iGB Live! a new consolidated event which will feature leading brands, iGaming Super Show, EiG, and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, each of which will retain its own dedicated presence and brand personality. The creation of iGB Live! is part of the commitment made by Clarion to streamline the events calendar and provide stakeholders with a unique opportunity to engage across the entire igaming space at a single event.

Exhibitor Products and Services
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Online Gaming Products and Services
Advertising (1)
Affiliate Marketing (23)
Business Administration (2)
Finance and Accounting (1)
Games Software (48)
Legal Services (5)
Marketing (4)
MIS, IT and Communications (4)
Payment Solutions (12)
Platform Providers (18)
Portals (1)
Publications (1)
Security and Fraud (2)
Turnkey Solution Providers (22)

Land Based Gaming Products and Services
Advertising (1)
Bingo (1)
Displays (1)
Electrical/Electronic (1)
Facilities (1)
Finance & Accounting (2)
Game Development (5)
Human Resources (2)
Marketing (3)
MIS (1)
Miscellaneous (1)
Other Gaming Equipment (1)
Publications & Publishing (1)
Roulette (1)
Slots (5)
Testing (1)