Joint European Lotteries (EL)/ World Lottery Association (WLA) Security & Integrity Seminar 2018

Event Type:Conference
When:2-4 October 2018
Where:Radisson Blu Béke Hotel
Budapest, Hungary
Event Organizer:The European Lotteries Association

This year’s EL/WLA Security and Integrity Seminar will focus on cyber elements, primarily at a technical level and less on managerial aspects. Among the planned core subjects are cognitive security; endpoint protection; sorcerers (or ethical hackers) and “traditional” hackers; cloud security; biometric identification of users; ransomware, and blockchain for security. This list will also include elements developed following consultation with participants of past seminars and other stakeholders, and appropriate expert speakers are being sourced.

As usual, key operational topics such as new views on electronic-draw security; elements of encryption and the use of timestamping, as well as ticket security will be presented.

The programme will also cover the topic of availability, training and diversity of staff devoted to security and integrity, including a session on gender balance in security in alignment with EL values.

Management related aspects will also be covered with presentations on WLA SCS elements such as protecting staff from violent situations, governance of cyber security, insight into threat intelligence (involving European authorities) and cyber liability insurance coverage.