Joint European Lotteries/World Lottery Association Security Seminar 2012

Event Type:Seminar
When:29-31 May 2012
Where:Hotel RUS
4 Hospitalna St.
Kiev, Ukraine 252023
Event Organizer:The European Lotteries Association

In the troubled economic times we are facing, heightened vigilance has to be the order of the day. With cyber crime, illegal gambling, and sports betting syndicates on the rise, we bear the responsibility of ensuring the continued integrity of our lotteries. Now is the time to:
  • assess whether your systems, procedures, and controls are still effective against the ever-changing threat environment
  • get fresh ideas about scenario planning, threat identification, and hear how the WLA Security Control Standard has been revamped and updated to remain relevant to today‚Äôs lottery world
  • share experiences with your industry colleagues and come away with new proposals for how your organization can identify and manage its security risks

The two day seminar will feature updates on security developments from key lottery industry suppliers. Hear keynote speakers from many of the major lottery operators in the world. Participate in workshops on how to implement the WLA Security Control Standard and the EL risk management guidelines.