La Fleur’s 2014 Lottery Conclave & Interactive Summit

Event Type:Conference
When:16-19 November 2014
Where:Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel
Austin, Texas
Event Organizer:

The theme of La Fleur's 2014 Lottery Conclave & Interactive Summit is “Offline&Online” (O&O). The 3-day conference will be held Sunday, November 16-Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at the Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. The Texas State Lottery is the co-host of the conference.

La Fleur’s conclave will feature 35+ speakers from North American lotteries, vendor partners, ad agencies, digital and ecommerce firms talking about the interconnectivity of brick & mortar retail sales and online channels. It is not an either/or equation. Unlike Amazon that diverted sales from traditional retailers to grow its ecommerce business, the $284 billion global lottery industry has the opportunity to build a 2-way turnpike connecting its physical retail world with its digital and/or ecommerce world. Success will be dictated by active collaboration between a lottery and its traditional retailers for O&O marketing, promotion and sales. It is an interdependent world.