La Fleur’s 2017 Global Lottery Forum

Event Type:Conference
When:27-29 June 2017
Where:Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Event Organizer:

The theme of La Fleur’s 2017 Global Lottery Forum is “Lean Lottery – How Lotteries Can Turbocharge Their Innovation Efforts.” The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is the co-host of the Halifax conference. The conference will be held at Scotiabank Auditorium at Dalhousie University’s Halifax campus.

La Fleur’s 2017 Global Lottery Forum conference speakers will follow the basic process of lean startup over a two-day period. This will be a stimulating couple of days for members of an industry that are in dire need of change due to the transformation of the global gaming industry.

The various topics to be covered at La Fleur’s 2017 Global Lottery Forum will include morning keynote presentations by experts including:

      Lean startup keynote
        Disruptive tech trends that could impact us all
          Insights & customer immersion
            Ideation – abundance of ideas
              Rapid prototyping
                Consumer validation
                  Bringing great ideas to scale
                    Innovation metrics
The experts will also be interviewed in panel discussions on stage to permit Q&A from the audience.

The afternoon presentation will feature case studies for lotteries as well as panel discussion with lottery CEOs and lottery CMOs.

The forum will include networking events each night to facilitate conversation between attendees.