Mastering Marketing in the Age of New Social Media

Event Type:Seminar
When:26-28 January 2011
Where:The Bloomsbury Hotel
16-22 Great Russell Street
London, England WC1B 3N
Event Organizer:The European Lotteries Association

The London marketing seminar has become an institution. Marketing is a vital part of all lottery organizations. London is a great location and our timing matches that of the ICE exhibition. But more importantly, the EL and the WLA offer a top notch two-day business programme on promotion and communication using new media. In Europe, Canada and Australia, more than 30 lotteries sell their products online. Not only traditional lotteries, but also games like bingo and poker. But how advanced is your organization promoting your games? How do you communicate your corporate identity and responsible gaming efforts? How do you blog and Twitter and what is your Facebook profile – if any? How do you communicate with your customers not only relying on the gentle smile from your retailer but using new social media….. and what is their response?