Smart-Tech 2012

Event Type:Conference
When:19 March 2012 05:00 PM - 21 March 2012 07:00 PM (EST UTC-5 )
Where:Helmsley Park Lane Hotel
36 Central Park S
New York, New York 10019
Event Organizer:Public Gaming Research Institute

SMART-Tech 2012 is convening a very special group of industry leaders to capture the magic of this special time in the lottery industry and set us on a course to be the preeminent leaders that the consumer and Good Cause beneficiaries expect us to be. Lottery is now entering a business climate in which the opportunities are going to come and go more quickly than ever. The need to act decisively is critical for Lottery just as it is for all businesses everywhere. New channels of distribution represent tremendous opportunity for lotteries to bring in new consumer groups as well as excite our loyal customers. But it does also introduce new levels of complexity and new kinds of business and public communication challenges.

We want to thank the SMART-Tech speaker team for helping us to wrestle down the obstacles that stand in the way of progress and forge the action-plans that keep Government Gaming on the leading edge of this industry.