The Annual e-Gaming Summit 2013

Event Type:Conference
When:28 February 2013
Where:Oslo, Norway
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:

The e-Gaming Summit 2013 is an exclusive and educational event for the online gaming industry's elite from Norway and the Nordic region, taking place February 28th 2013 in Oslo.

In response to the massive growth of this market, the leading information providers in the Norwegian and Nordic e-Gaming industry have responded positively to join us at the summit to discuss cutting-edge topics.

The Summit will bring together leading eGaming operators for a full day of high-level education and networking.

An impressive line-up of industry experts will explore the emerging trends and hottest topics through a programme of panel debates and seminars.

In addition, our carefully produced agenda will cover the online betting, the legal details, risk and reputation protection, the data behind the campaigns and the future of this industry.

The key question that has yet to be be answered is whether playing for virtual currency is a good-enough substitute of an experience for playing for real money. Most people in the gaming industry would scoff at the idea that playing for virtual money is as compelling as real money gambling. But frankly, most of the operators can't understand why people play virtual currency casino games in the first place and this lack of understanding should terrify them.