XIII CIBELAE Congress 2011 - State Lotteries: Building the Future

Event Type:Conference
When:3-6 October 2011
Where:Windsor Atlântica Hotel
Rio de Janairo, Brazil
Event Organizer:Corporación Iberoamericana de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado

The thirteenth annual CIBELAE Congress is the premier lottery industry event in Brazil welcoming all lottery professionals and offering a unique opportunity for conducting business and networking with industry professionals. The conference program features lottery keynote speakers who will share information and best practices for building a successful future for the State Lotteries. Exhibitors at the show will feature the latest developments and trends in the lottery industry. In addition to the conference an expo, an award will be presented for the best film advertisement by the Ibero-American State Lotteries. CAIXA, as the host of the event, hopes to provide all participants memorable moments in the city of Rio de Janeiro and welcomes attendees with open arms.