Land Based Gaming Events
There are 23 upcoming and 484 past land based gaming events.

Past Land Based Gaming Events

September 2014
2-4 September 2014
Bucharest, Romania
August 2014
12-14 August 2014
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2014
15-17 July 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
14-15 July 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
8-10 July 2014
Barcelona, Spain
June 2014
23-25 June 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
11-12 June 2014
Lima, Peru
4-5 June 2014
Moscow, Russian Federation
3-4 June 2014
Chicago, Illinois
May 2014
20-22 May 2014
Macau, Macao
19-20 May 2014
Atlantic City, New Jersey
6-8 May 2014
Biloxi, Mississippi
6-8 May 2014
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2014
23-24 April 2014
Bogota, Colombia
8-9 April 2014
Columbus, Ohio
March 2014
19-20 March 2014
San Juan, Puerto Rico
19-21 March 2014
Rimini, Italy
18-19 March 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-5 March 2014
New York, New York
4-5 March 2014
Dublin, Ireland
February 2014
24-26 February 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 February 2014
London, England
3 February 2014
London, England
December 2013
9-12 December 2013
Tucson, Arizona
November 2013
18-20 November 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
14-16 November 2013
Macau, Macao
October 2013
22-23 October 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria
21-22 October 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria
September 2013
25 September 2013
Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
24 September 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
24-26 September 2013
Guangdong, China
24-26 September 2013
Las Vegas
11-12 September 2013
3-5 September 2013
Bucharest, Romania
August 2013
14-15 August 2013
Lima, Peru
13-15 August 2013
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
12-14 August 2013
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2013
23-25 July 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
9-11 July 2013
Barcelona, Spain
June 2013
19-20 June 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
17-19 June 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
17-19 June 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
5-6 June 2013
Moscow, Russian Federation
3-4 June 2013
Chicago, Illinois
May 2013
21-22 May 2013
Atlantic City, New Jersey
21-23 May 2013
Macau, Macao
9-11 May 2013
Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
7-9 May 2013
Biloxi, Mississippi
7-9 May 2013
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2013
5-7 April 2013
Metamorfosi , Greece
3-4 April 2013
Bogota, Colombia
March 2013
13-14 March 2013
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
12-13 March 2013
Henderson, Nevada
February 2013
27-28 February 2013
Panama City, Panama
25-26 February 2013
Hollywood, Florida
25-27 February 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
5-7 February 2013
London, England
4 February 2013
London, England
4 February 2013
London, England
4 February 2013
London, England
December 2012
16-18 December 2012
Guangzhou, China
3-6 December 2012
Tucson, Arizona
2-4 December 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2012
27-29 November 2012
Macau, Macao
6-7 November 2012
Dublin, Ireland
October 2012
18-20 October 2012
Warsaw, Poland
16-18 October 2012
Sofia, Bulgaria
14-15 October 2012
Sophia, Bulgaria
9-11 October 2012
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
4 October 2012
England, United Kingdom
2-4 October 2012
Las Vegas
1-2 October 2012
Las Vegas
September 2012
19-20 September 2012
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
18-20 September 2012
Paris, France
17 September 2012
London, England
12-14 September 2012
Bucharest, Romania
4-6 September 2012
Batumi, Georgia
1-30 September 2012
London, England
August 2012
21-23 August 2012
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
20-22 August 2012
Sydney, Australia
16-17 August 2012
Lima, Peru
July 2012
25 July 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
24-26 July 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
24-26 July 2012
São Paulo, Brazil
10-12 July 2012
Barcelona, Spain
4-5 July 2012
Moscow, Russian Federation
June 2012
27 June 2012
London, England
27 June 2012
London, England
11 June 2012
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
11-13 June 2012
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
11-13 June 2012
Henderson, Nevada
May 2012
22-24 May 2012
Belgrade, Serbia
22-24 May 2012
Macau, Macao
16-17 May 2012
Atlantic City, New Jersey
16-17 May 2012
Mexico City, Mexico
10-12 May 2012
Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
8-10 May 2012
Biloxi, Mississippi
8-10 May 2012
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2012
11-12 April 2012
Bogota, Colombia
1-4 April 2012
San Diego, California
March 2012
20-22 March 2012
Hannover, Germany
9-11 March 2012
Metamorfosi , Greece
February 2012
27-28 February 2012
Hollywood, Florida
27-29 February 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
21-23 February 2012
Panama City, Panama
20-22 February 2012
Dublin, Ireland
January 2012
24-25 January 2012
London, England
24-26 January 2012
London, England
24-26 January 2012
London, England
23 January 2012
London, England
23 January 2012
London, England
23 January 2012
London, England
December 2011
6-8 December 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
5-8 December 2011
Tucson, Arizona
November 2011
25-26 November 2011
Torrelodones, Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain
14-15 November 2011
Mashantucket, Connecticut
October 2011
18-20 October 2011
Sofia, Bulgaria
17-20 October 2011
Sofia, Bulgaria
13-15 October 2011
Warsaw, Poland
6 October 2011
England, United Kingdom
4 October 2011
Kansas City, Missouri
4-5 October 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
3-6 October 2011
Las Vegas
September 2011
15-17 September 2011
Chiba City, Tokyo, Japan
14-16 September 2011
Malaga, Spain
13-15 September 2011
Budapest, Hungary
7-9 September 2011
Bucharest, Romania
August 2011
25-27 August 2011
Guangzhou City, China
22-24 August 2011
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
21-23 August 2011
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
11-12 August 2011
Lima, Peru
July 2011
18-20 July 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2011
22 June 2011
London, England
7-9 June 2011
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
May 2011
24-25 May 2011
Henderson, Nevada
24-26 May 2011
Prior Lake, Minnesota
23 May 2011
Henderson, Nebraska
23-24 May 2011
Atlantic City, New Jersey
17-19 May 2011
Catoosa, Oklahoma
5-7 May 2011
Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
4-5 May 2011
Biloxi, Mississippi
4-5 May 2011
Mexico City, Mexico
4-5 May 2011
Biloxi, Mississippi
3-5 May 2011
Belgrade, Serbia
April 2011
18-20 April 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
13-14 April 2011
Bogota, Colombia
March 2011
8-10 March 2011
Stateline, Nevada
3-4 March 2011
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February 2011
22-24 February 2011
Panama City, Panama
21-23 February 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2011
26 January 2011
London, England
25-27 January 2011
London, England
24 January 2011
London, England
December 2010
6-9 December 2010
Tucson, Arizona
1-2 December 2010
Singapore, Singapore
November 2010
17 November 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
16-18 November 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2010
18-19 October 2010
Hollywood, Florida
12-15 October 2010
Melbourne, Australia
12-14 October 2010
Ignacio, California
5-7 October 2010
September 2010
29 September 2010 - 1 October 2010
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
27-28 September 2010
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
24 September 2010
London, England
20-21 September 2010
Uncasville, Connecticut
August 2010
30 August 2010 - 1 September 2010
Indio, California
26-28 August 2010
Guangzhou City, China
11-12 August 2010
Lima, Peru
8-10 August 2010
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2010
21-22 July 2010
19-21 July 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
14-16 July 2010
Madrid, Spain
June 2010
21 June 2010
Orlando, Florida
21-22 June 2010
Tarrytown, New York
15-17 June 2010
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
8-10 June 2010
Macau SAR
May 2010
25-26 May 2010
Henderson, Nevada
24-25 May 2010
Atlantic City, New Jersey
5-6 May 2010
Biloxi, Mississippi
5-6 May 2010
Biloxi, Mississippi
4-6 May 2010
Prior Lake, Minnesota
April 2010
28-29 April 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
26-28 April 2010
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
March 2010
23-25 March 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2010
22-23 February 2010
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
21-23 February 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2010
26-28 January 2010
London, England
25 January 2010
London, England
December 2009
8-11 December 2009
Tucson, Arizona
2-3 December 2009
Singapore, Singapore
November 2009
17-19 November 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
16 November 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2009
19-20 October 2009
Hollywood, Florida
14-15 October 2009
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
6-8 October 2009
Tapei, Taiwan, Province of China
September 2009
30 September 2009 - 2 October 2009
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
August 2009
26 August 2009
Las Vegas
16-18 August 2009
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2009
20-22 July 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2009
22-23 June 2009
Saratoga Springs, New York
9-11 June 2009
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
May 2009
19-21 May 2009
Henderson, Nevada
18-19 May 2009
Atlantic City, New Jersey
6-7 May 2009
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2009
28-30 April 2009
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
4-5 April 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
1-2 April 2009
Christchurch, New Zealand
March 2009
10-12 March 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
3-4 March 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
1-3 March 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2009
January 2009
26 January 2009
London, England
December 2008
9-11 December 2008
Tucson, Arizona
November 2008
18-20 November 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 November 2008
Baden, Niederösterreich, Austria
October 2008
22-23 October 2008
Birmingham, United Kingdom
21-22 October 2008
Singapore , Singapore
15-17 October 2008
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
6-7 October 2008
Hollywood, Florida
September 2008
23-24 September 2008
Cork, Ireland
9-11 September 2008
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
8-10 September 2008
Temecula, California
August 2008
24-26 August 2008
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2008
22-24 July 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2008
24-25 June 2008
Saratoga Springs, New York
May 2008
20-22 May 2008
Henderson, Nevada
19-20 May 2008
Atlantic City, New Jersey
12-14 May 2008
Prior Lake, Minnesota
7-8 May 2008
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2008
29 April 2008 - 1 May 2008
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
March 2008
27-28 March 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 March 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 March 2008
Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia
4-5 March 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
February 2008
19-22 February 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
19-20 February 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2008
22-24 January 2008
London, England
December 2007
7-9 December 2007
Tucson, Arizona
November 2007
13-25 November 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2007
17-18 October 2007
Birmingham, United Kingdom
8-9 October 2007
Hollywood, Florida
3-5 October 2007
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
3-5 October 2007
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
September 2007
24-26 September 2007
Lakeside, California
17-18 September 2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 2007
19-21 August 2007
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2007
17-19 July 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2007
20-21 June 2007
Niagara Falls, New York
13-14 June 2007
Macau SAR, Macao
12-13 June 2007
San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 2007
22-24 May 2007
Henderson, Nevada
14-16 May 2007
Prior Lake, Minnesota
9-10 May 2007
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2007
30 April 2007 - 1 May 2007
Atlantic City, New Jersey
10-12 April 2007
New Orleans, Louisiana
2-3 April 2007
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
March 2007
20-21 March 2007
Auckland, New Zealand
6-8 March 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2007
22-23 February 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
8-9 February 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
6-7 February 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2007
23-25 January 2007
London, England
December 2006
5-7 December 2006
Tucson, Arizona
November 2006
14-16 November 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2006
25-26 October 2006
Birmingham, United Kingdom
16-17 October 2006
Hollywood, Florida
11-13 October 2006
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
September 2006
27-29 September 2006
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
11-13 September 2006
Lakeside, California
3-5 September 2006
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2006
18-20 July 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2006
20-21 June 2006
Niagara Falls, New York
13-14 June 2006
Macau SAR, Macao
13-14 June 2006
San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 2006
24-25 May 2006
Henderson, Nevada
22-23 May 2006
Atlantic City, New Jersey
9-11 May 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-5 May 2006
Tunica, Mississippi
April 2006
25-27 April 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 2006
7-9 March 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2006
21-22 February 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2005
20-22 December 2005
Moscow, Russian Federation
6-8 December 2005
Tucson, Arizona
November 2005
15-16 November 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada
9-11 November 2005
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
2-4 November 2005
Dover, Delaware
October 2005
19-20 October 2005
Birmingham, United Kingdom
17-18 October 2005
Miami, Florida
September 2005
13-15 September 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 2005
21-23 August 2005
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2005
17-19 July 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2005
21-22 June 2005
Verona, New York
14-15 June 2005
Macau SAR, Macao
14-15 June 2005
San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 2005
25-26 May 2005
Henderson, Nevada
4-5 May 2005
Biloxi, Mississippi
March 2005
22-24 March 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada
7-9 March 2005
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
February 2005
22-23 February 2005
Reno, Nevada
January 2005
25-27 January 2005
London, England
December 2004
14-16 December 2004
Moscow, Russian Federation
7-9 December 2004
Tucson, Arizona
November 2004
10-12 November 2004
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
8-9 November 2004
Atlantic City, New Jersey
3-5 November 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 2004
19-20 October 2004
Birmingham, United Kingdom
5-7 October 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 2004
29-31 August 2004
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
July 2004
25-27 July 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2004
22-23 June 2004
Verona, New York
8-10 June 2004
Englewood, Colorado
May 2004
25-26 May 2004
Henderson, Nevada
20 May 2004
Atlantic City, New Jersey
11-12 May 2004
Singapore, Singapore
5-6 May 2004
Biloxi, Mississippi
3-6 May 2004
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
March 2004
22-24 March 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
9-11 March 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2004
18-19 February 2004
Reno, Nevada
3-4 February 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2004
27-29 January 2004
London, England
December 2003
14-16 December 2003
Moscow, Russian Federation
November 2003
19-21 November 2003
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
19-20 November 2003
Birmingham, United Kingdom
13 November 2003
Atlantic City, New Jersey
11-13 November 2003
Chester, West Virginia
October 2003
28-30 October 2003
Denver, Colorado
September 2003
16-18 September 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2003
10-11 June 2003
San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 2003
28-29 May 2003
Henderson, Nevada
21 May 2003
Atlantic City, New Jersey
7-8 May 2003
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2003
21-22 April 2003
Albany, New York
March 2003
24-26 March 2003
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
11-13 March 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
10-12 March 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
January 2003
21-23 January 2003
London, England
9-10 January 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2002
14-16 December 2002
Moscow, Russian Federation
November 2002
20-22 November 2002
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
14 November 2002
Atlantic City, New Jersey
6-8 November 2002
Dover, Delaware
September 2002
17-19 September 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 2002
25-27 August 2002
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
June 2002
11-12 June 2002
San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 2002
22 May 2002
Atlantic City, New Jersey
8-9 May 2002
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 2002
9-11 April 2002
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
8-9 April 2002
Albany, New York
March 2002
5-7 March 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 March 2002
Main Beach, Queensland, Australia
February 2002
11-12 February 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2002
22-24 January 2002
London, England
December 2001
13-15 December 2001
Moscow, Russian Federation
6 December 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2001
28-30 November 2001
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
October 2001
17-19 October 2001
Las Vegas
1-3 October 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 2001
19-21 August 2001
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
11-12 August 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2001
28 June 2001
Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 2001
24 May 2001
Atlantic City, New Jersey
9-10 May 2001
Biloxi, Mississippi
March 2001
20-22 March 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
February 2001
27 February 2001 - 1 March 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
19-21 February 2001
Main Beach, Queensland, Australia
January 2001
23-25 January 2001
London, England
10-12 January 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2000
10-12 December 2000
Moscow, Russian Federation
November 2000
29 November 2000 - 1 December 2000
Buenos Aires, Capital federal, Argentina
October 2000
18-20 October 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada
17 October 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 2000
12-13 September 2000
Detroit, Michigan
July 2000
2-4 July 2000
Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
June 2000
27-29 June 2000
San Juan, Puerto Rico
6 June 2000
Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 2000
10-11 May 2000
Biloxi, Mississippi
9-11 May 2000
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
April 2000
25-26 April 2000
Atlantic City, New Jersey
March 2000
28-30 March 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 2000
23-25 February 2000
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
9-10 February 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2000
25-27 January 2000
London, England
September 1999
14-16 September 1999
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 1999
10-12 March 1999
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 1998
23-25 September 1998
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 1998
Land Based Gaming Event News
AGS unveils new brand positioning prior to G2E
27 Aug 2014
AGS, a proven gaming machine supplier for Class II markets with an emerging presence in both Class III markets and new product categories, introduced new brand positioning as they prepare to break out at September’s G2E show in Las Vegas. read more »
Speakers lineup for G2E announced
31 Jul 2014
Producers of the G2E, scheduled from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, announced the tradeshow and conference’s speaker list Wednesday. read more »
JCM Global brings “Evolutionary” products to Australasian Gaming Expo
23 Jul 2014
The show takes place 12-14 August at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, and JCM will be exhibiting its “evolutionary” line of transaction technologies on stand #213. read more »
GB Media wins exclusive sales contract with Macao Gaming Show
17 Jul 2014
The agreement covers key regions comprising Europe, USA, Central & South America, the Middle East and Africa, all of which are being handled by GBM on an exclusive basis. read more »
BetConstruct receives record enquiries at G2E Asia
3 Jun 2014
Leading online and land-based sports betting and gaming solutions provider BetConstruct has received a record number of enquiries following its presence at the G2E Expo in Macau, China. read more »
GSA brings standards mission to G2E Asia
20 May 2014
Creating global standards that drive the land-based and online gaming sides of the industry is the Gaming Standards Association’s (GSA) mission, and now the organization is bringing the standards message to the forefront at G2E Asia. read more »
SBTech to present new products at G2E Asia
8 May 2014
Industry-leading and award-winning provider of turnkey sports betting solutions, SBTech, are set to showcase their cutting-edge live betting and mobile offering and their recently launched Asian facing solution at G2E Asia, the premier Asian trade event, held in Macau. read more »
Aristocrat brings most anticipated games to Southern Gaming Summit
2 May 2014
Fresh from major wins in the 2014 Goldman Sachs Slot Manager Survey, Aristocrat is bringing the year’s most anticipated games and award-winning system products to Southern Gaming Summit. read more »
GameAccount Network plc to debut at G2E Asia
25 Mar 2014
GameAccount Network plc (“GameAccount Network” or the “Company), the internet gaming pioneer will be taking its success story to Asia when it makes its first appearance at May’s G2E event in Macau. read more »
Clarion Events and East Coast Gaming Congress co-sponsor coordinated iGaming events
20 Mar 2014
ECGC and iGaming Institute co-founders Michael Pollock, managing director of Spectrum Gaming Group, and Lloyd Levenson, CEO of the Cooper Levenson law firm, issued a joint statement. read more »
Net Entertainment introduces social twist with Extend product
25 Feb 2014
Net Entertainment, the world’s leading provider of high-quality online casino games, is pushing the online casino boundaries with the launch of its Extend API framework. read more »
Tom Horn calls ICE 2014 "the most successful ICE yet"
25 Feb 2014
The business development team at Tom Horn Enterprise just got back from ICE 2014 in London and their impressions could not be better. read more »
ICE 2014 rips up the record books
11 Feb 2014
A magnificent 23,891 gaming industry professionals defied a 48-hour strike on the London Underground to set a new record attendance at ICE 2014 last week. read more »
Yggdrasil Gaming pens Mr Green deal at ICE
6 Feb 2014
Innovative, full-service games provider Yggdrasil Gaming, has signed a deal that will see it provide its entire content portfolio to major online casino operator Mr Green. read more »
Income Access' senior management to attend ICE 2014
3 Feb 2014
Income Access, a turnkey provider of technology and digital marketing services for the iGaming industry, has announced that company CEO Nicky Senyard and a team of senior Income Access managers will be attending the ICE Totally Gaming Conference in London, UK, which takes place between 4th and 6th February 2014. read more »
EveryMatrix to display OddsMatrix Seamless sportsbook at ICE 2014
3 Feb 2014
The EveryMatrix sports betting solution OddsMatrix now provides support of seamless transaction integration into 3rd party back-office systems. read more »
ICE announces "Game to Watch" finalists
31 Jan 2014
Big Time Gaming, Acespire and Tedbets have been selected as finalists in the inaugural Game To Watch competition, part of the Game Design & Development conference taking place on Wednesday 5th February at ExCeL London. read more »
Net Entertainment to showcase portfolio at ICE 2014
30 Jan 2014
In addition to the unveiling, Net Entertainment will also showcase its new version of the Live Casino product, as well as the ever-expanding mobile Touch portfolio. read more »
Galaxy Gaming coming to ICE 2014 in full force
29 Jan 2014
Galaxy Gaming announced it will be a full participant at Europe's largest and most wide-ranging conference in its industry -- the International Casino Exposition a.k.a. ICE Totally Gaming 2014, in London on February 3 - 6, 2014. read more »
GTECH to sponsor ICE 2014
29 Jan 2014
GTECH, which is appearing at next week's ICE Totally Gaming exhibition for the first time as a fully integrated, end-to-end gaming technology solutions provider, is complementing its presence on the show floor by becoming a high level sponsor of the prestigious ICE Conferences programme that runs in tandem with gaming's biggest expo at ExCeL London. read more »
World media to open ICE
28 Jan 2014
In an unprecedented move, ICE organisers have invited the world's media to officially open next week's international gaming event which will feature more than 500 exhibiting companies drawn from 57 nations. read more »
B3W appoints AJ Thompson as CEO
28 Jan 2014
2013 saw B3W integrate with Leander Games, NYX, BetGames, Microgaming, Global Gaming Labs and multiple Sportsbooks as well as supplying their poker platform to a recently launched poker network. read more »
A Bet A signs deal with Coral
27 Jan 2014
The technology will be used by the bookmaker at hospitality events. read more »
Concept Gaming launches portfolio of mobile games
27 Jan 2014
For ICE 2014, Concept Gaming launches a set of eight beautifully developed HTML5 games for use across all major Mobile and Desktop operating systems and some brand new games, which are what they call ‘Undercover’ for this-years World-Cup 2014. read more »
Distinguished panel at ICE Asia Breakfast Focus
24 Jan 2014
True to its status as being a window on the global market, ICE Totally Gaming is hosting a high-level business breakfast which will examine the future of gaming in Asia and ask whether the continent will continue to be the primary driver of the global gaming market. read more »
EveryMatrix and World Match enter partnership on casino games
23 Jan 2014
EveryMatrix is continuously committed to offering the best and latest games to its online gaming clients and as such is delighted to announce a new partnership with World Match. read more »
Inside Gaming: Customer panel praises IGT
23 Dec 2013
Several analysts attending IGT’s annual Investor Day presentation in New York City earlier this month said the panel provided a fresh perspective on the slot machine giant’s games, systems and strategies. read more »
Aristocrat unleashes The Walking Dead
5 Dec 2013
The Walking Dead slot game is based on AMC’s hit TV series, and the series continues to be the #1 show on television across all cable and broadcast networks. read more »
JCM brings technologies to SAGSE
22 Oct 2013
JCM Global has been dedicated to the gaming industry throughout Latin America for more than 15 years, and now JCM is bringing its leading transaction technologies to SAGSE Buenos Aires. read more »
American Gaming Association's No. 2 person resigns
17 Oct 2013
Judy Patterson, senior vice president and executive director of the American Gaming Association, resigned from the AGA on Tuesday. read more »
As gaming unfolded, Faiss was there
14 Oct 2013
During September’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Bob Faiss was honored at a luncheon of the International Association of Gaming Advisors for his “extensive contributions to gaming law.” read more »
Global Gaming Expo shows growth as industry deals with many issues
7 Oct 2013
Held Sept. 23 to 26 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, the trade show and conference attracted more than 27,000 attendees and 460 exhibitors covering more than 286,000 square feet of exhibit space. read more »
Pop goes the expo: Celebrity and cinema dominate G2E
7 Oct 2013
Knowledge of the entertainment industry was a required tool when visiting the booths of the major slot machine manufacturers inside the Sands Expo and Convention Center. read more »
Document conversion important to casinos
7 Oct 2013
Las Vegas-based NEWave has 270 clients nationwide and had a modest booth at Global Gaming Expo to market its products. read more »
Inside Gaming: Pinnacle CEO focuses on future
30 Sep 2013
The regional gaming company doubled in size six weeks ago after completing its $2.8 billion buyout of rival Ameristar Casinos. read more »
Tribal gaming lobbyists say "do nothing Congress" threatens business
30 Sep 2013
Tribes are also dealing with the effect of Internet gaming on their business, off-reservation casinos and political gridlock in Washington, D.C read more »
Income Access to exhibit at Barcelona Affiliate Conference
30 Sep 2013
The digital marketing company will officially launch new ad-serving software at major European performance marketing event in early October. read more »
Twin Arrows named top Native American Casino Facility at G2E
27 Sep 2013
Friedmutter Group architects and JBA Consulting engineers were honored for culturally-infused design and innovative active systems engineering. read more »
AGA chief sees little hope of Web gaming legislation moving ahead in Congress
25 Sep 2013
Goeff Freeman, who has been on the job since June, said Americans are spending $2.6 billion on illegal offshore wagering despite the April 2011 crackdown on Internet poker by federal prosecutors. read more »
IGT goes all-in for New Jersey's online market
25 Sep 2013
IGT will serve its content to multiple licensed operators in Atlantic City. read more »
G2E to be a one-stop-shop for non-gaming amenities
18 Sep 2013
The latest trends in food, beverage, hospitality and entertainment will be on full display. read more »
Galaxy Gaming to exhibit at G2E
17 Sep 2013
The company's conference agenda includes a product launch with the World Poker Tour. read more »
G2E unveils plans for "Inside The Industry" video series
17 Sep 2013
The initiative, sponsored by Bally Technologies Inc., will feature interviews with top executives in the gaming industry offering insights on pressing issues. read more »
Esfandiari, Glantz to headline poker panel at G2E
13 Sep 2013
Poker champions will discuss the game's place in the industry at the upcoming Las Vegas conference. read more »
iGaming industry set for first Virtual Gaming Show
29 Aug 2013
The conference is a free-to-attend event held entirely online. read more »
G2E poised for largest show floor since 2008
29 Aug 2013
Current figures show this year's event's sales up nearly 10 percent from 2012. read more »
Mike Johnson named G2E industry vice president
28 Aug 2013
Johnson will oversee sales, conference and overall show management of G2E events. read more »
Dick Rizzo to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at G2E 2013
21 Aug 2013
Perini Building Company's vice chairman to be recognized for overseeing the development of dozens of casino resorts across the U.S. read more »
JCM Global evolves casino operations with award-winning transaction technologies displayed at AGE show
8 Aug 2013
AGE takes place August 13-15 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, and JCM’s newest regional office, JCM Asia Pacific, will be in stand #1402. read more »
Marketers have seen the future and believe it is digital
25 Jul 2013
Much of Strip resorts’ communication with guests happens through social media. read more »
ICE 2013 attendance audited at 22,247
23 Jul 2013
BPA Worldwide verified the total registered attendance as well as demographic and geographic profiles of attendees. read more »
NEWave to showcase software solutions at East Coast Gaming Congress
17 May 2013
The software supplier will be at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on May 21 and 22. read more »
Aristocrat highlights new games at Southern Gaming Summit
13 May 2013
In addition to its new games and online solutions, Aristocrat also showcased its partnership with Oasis 360, a player tracking system. read more »
Gaming Standards Association brings message of successful industry collaboration to G2E Asia
13 May 2013
GSA will bring its message, successful past and vision for an even brighter future to G2E Asia. read more »
Bally Technologies will showcase game content developed for Asia-Pacific market at G2E Asia
8 May 2013
Bally Technologies today announced it will showcase a wide variety of its award-winning games and systems solutions, along with innovative offerings from Bally Interactive, at G2E Asia in Macau, May 21-23. read more »
iGaming Russia Affiliate (iGRA) Conference will be part of Russian Gaming Week 2013 Exhibition
21 Mar 2013
The conference will be held with the support and direct participation of the project team of the Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo (RACE). The Smile Expo Company will be the organizer of the conference. read more »
Win Systems strengthens its market leadership at FADJA-Colombia gaming show
21 Mar 2013
After its great success during ICE '13, Win Systems will be exhibiting at FADJA-Colombia to make known its position as a leader in the gaming market. read more »
Land-based operator Gala Coral signs deal with Sheriff Gaming
25 Feb 2013
The deal will give Gala Coral a competitive edge by being first to the land-based market with games that harness the power of 3D technology. read more »
Boris welcomes ICE!
29 Jan 2013
Mayor of London Boris Johnson has given a welcome to delegates attending the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming exhibition. read more »
Betsoft Gaming to turn up heat at ICE 2013
29 Jan 2013
Betsoft Gaming has announced that they will showcase their latest Slots3™ title, At the Copa, at ICE 2013 in early February. read more »
Keynote lineup set for Gaming Technology Conference in Las Vegas
23 Jan 2013
The keynoters will be Shawn Rorick, New Media Strategist, Emerging Marketer, Inc.; Scott Voeller, Senior VP, Brand Strategy and Advertising, MGM Resorts International; and Staci Columbo-Alonso, VP of Global Marketing/CMO, International Game Technology. read more »
Income Access set to exhibit at LAC 2013
22 Jan 2013
The marketing and technology firm will showcase its complete iGaming solution in February at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
EveryMatrix significantly expands its OddsMatrix sportsbook offerings
17 Jan 2013
The big increase in betting market coverage comes at the same time as the OddsMatrix front end is now also available tailored for the Asian and American markets. read more »
SBTech signs exclusive deal with Albania's biggest land-based operator
16 Jan 2013
Albanian operator Xhoilloto is the biggest land-based sports betting operator in the region, boasting over 500 betting shops. read more »
PKR earns two nominations at International Gaming Awards
10 Dec 2012
The next-gen site vies for third Poker Operator of the Year award. read more »
Revenues increase 21 percent at Bally Technologies
26 Oct 2012
Total first-quarter revenue for Bally was $235 million, compared with $195 million last year. read more »
Machine makers wonder if G2E buzz will yield buying
23 Oct 2012
Deutsche Bank gaming analyst Carlo Santarelli told investors that the trade show floor had an overall lineup of new content that was stronger than a year ago and has the potential to arrive in casinos on a much quicker time frame. read more »
SBTech wins "Best Online Betting Platform" award at BEGE, Eastern Europe's biggest gaming expo
23 Oct 2012
SBTech has won the award for Best Online Betting Platform at the 2012 Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE), one of the biggest gaming expos in Eastern Europe. read more »
Companies shop cautiously at Global Gaming Expo
11 Oct 2012
This year, colorful slot machine titles and pop culture themes dominated the trade show's 262,000 square feet of exhibit space. read more »
World experts and thought leaders to converge on ICE for social gaming debate
10 Oct 2012
Visitors to ICE Totally Gaming will be able to benefit from the influential ICE Conferences program, which will provide contemporary updates on social gaming provided by many of the world experts in the sector. read more »
Aristocrat launches first tribal nLive virtual casino for Island Resort Casino
3 Oct 2012
Island Resort Casino's play-for-fun nLive site went live September 29, and has been steadily attracting players. read more »
Smoke-free casino advocates heading to G2E
2 Oct 2012
Smoke-Free Gaming of America advocates will be displaying health warning signs about secondhand smoke exposure at the G2E and adding humor for passing gaming attendees by wearing masks depicting the likeness of gaming executives Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson, Gary Loveman, Jim Murren, and Donald Trump. read more »
GTECH G2 Poker Tournament to begin at G2E as new poker client is premiered
2 Oct 2012
LONDON -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- GTECH G2 will begin its groundbreaking poker tournament today (Tuesday, October 02) at The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2012 as it demonstrates its capabilities as the premier... read more »
SBTech sponsors BEGE Expo - biggest gaming expo for Eastern European market
2 Oct 2012
The BEGE Expo, the most important exhibition for leisure, gaming and the entertainment industry in the Balkans, draws exhibitors and visitors from around the world and will take place from 16-18 October 2012 at the Inter Expo Center - Sofia. read more »
Mississippi Casino Operators Assn., BNP Media announce Southern Gaming Summit agreement
26 Sep 2012
The MCOA and BNP Media Gaming Group, co-producers of Southern Gaming Summit, have agreed to extend their current partnership through the May 2019 show. read more »
Trickett cleans up at British Poker Awards
20 Sep 2012
Retford native Sam Trickett picks up three gongs, as stars gather to celebrate a great year for British Poker. read more »
Industry visionary Terry Lanni named recipient of G2E's 2012 Sarno Award for Lifetime Achievement in Casino Design
19 Sep 2012
The award will be presented at the conclusion of the Casino Design Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, October 3, at 5:30 p.m. at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in conjunction with G2E. read more »
Bluff Europe and strike up media partnership for British Poker Awards
5 Sep 2012 will bring cameras and reporters to cover an event that will honor the best the British poker circuit has to offer. read more »
London Poker Festival to host Black Belt Poker Academy
4 Sep 2012
Fine-tune your pre-flop game at the Black Belt Poker Academy during London Poker Festival. read more »
Parties and comedy nights to augment London Poker Festival
30 Aug 2012
A packed calendar of fun poker events will hit London in September. read more »
British Poker Awards attracts thousands of voters
23 Aug 2012
Voting gathers pace as the public has its say. read more »
Big names endorse London Poker Festival
22 Aug 2012
Pros are looking forward to a packed September of poker. read more »
Eight main events at eight different card rooms to dominate London Poker Festival
17 Aug 2012
Over £1 million in prize money up for grabs during the September poker festival. read more »
Global Gaming Expo 2012 to expand table game offerings
30 May 2012
Table games will command designated space on the show floor, dedicated conference track. read more »
Income Access CEO Nicky Senyard to speak at 16th Annual Canadian Gaming Summit
29 May 2012
Income Access CEO Nicky Senyard will be speaking at the upcoming 16th annual Canadian Gaming Summit, which is set to take place at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from June 11-13, 2012. read more »
TCS John Huxley debuts Baccpo at G2E Asia
22 May 2012
Baccpo will be showcased to industry professionals and land-based casino operators at the upcoming G2E Asia Global Gaming Expo (May 22-24) in Macau. read more »
Legalized gaming industry helps transform Mississippi Gulf Coast into tourism destination
9 May 2012
The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a destination tourism market and home to first-class resorts, nationally acclaimed golf courses and headline Las Vegas-style entertainment on a weekly basis. read more »
Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) to play key role at Southern Gaming Summit/Bingo World
18 Apr 2012
GLI will showcase its global expertise and local service on the trade show floor and on two panels at the Biloxi event. read more »
AGA to bring female gaming professionals together at industry conferences
3 Apr 2012
As part of its Global Gaming Women (GGW) initiative, the American Gaming Association (AGA) announced today it has scheduled three events this spring designed to educate and create mentoring and networking opportunities for female gaming professionals. read more »
Aristocrat's nVision Business Intelligence Tool helping tribal casinos
29 Mar 2012
Four tribal casinos have installed versions of nVision, a module available on Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 casino management system. read more »
Southern Gaming Summit to host women's luncheon
28 Mar 2012
The 19th annual Southern Gaming Summit in Biloxi will be holding its first ever Global Gaming Women Luncheon, a networking and professional development event for women executives in gaming. read more »
Nevada conference to examine interactive future
20 Mar 2012
The 10th annual Gaming Technology Summit will be held at the Green Valley Ranch in June and will cover how the casino industry is changing due to mobile, Internet and social media. read more »
Jim Ryan to speak at G2E 2012
5 Mar 2012
Jim Ryan, CEO of, will serve as the exclusive conference keynote speaker at the Global Gaming Expo 2012. read more »
OMI Gaming launches two new video slots
28 Feb 2012
OMI Gaming has released Tres Hombres and Benny the Panda to the Kazuri Casino Module platform. read more »
Player Response announces winner from ICE
17 Feb 2012
Player Response Marketing awarded a lucky winner with a $10,000 direct marketing package at the International Casino Exhibition in London. read more »
SkyBet wins International Gaming Awards
1 Feb 2012
The online betting and gaming company was named Socially Responsible Operator of the Year Online at the International Gaming Awards. read more »
Intercash launches new online gaming card
20 Jan 2012
The WinningsCard is similar to an e-wallet and allows players to deposit personal funds and cash onto the card. read more »
International Game Technology heads to ICE
18 Jan 2012
International Game Technology will unveil its online and mobile gaming products at ICE Totally Gaming in London next week. read more »
International Gaming Awards a week away
17 Jan 2012
The International Gaming Awards will welcome the biggest names in the industry on Jan. 23 at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London. read more »
Sports Betting Tech to showcase at ICE
16 Jan 2012
Sports Betting Tech will be demonstrating its mobile betting platform at ICE at London’s Earl’s Court on Jan. 24-26. read more »
NetRefer exhibiting at ICE, LAC
16 Jan 2012
Team NetRefer will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming conference and at the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Southern Gaming Summit announces expanded conference program
13 Jan 2012
The 19th annual Southern Gaming Summit and its companion show Bingo World Conference & Expo will be held May 8-10 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. read more »
GTECH G2 showcasing products at ICE
11 Jan 2012
GTECH G2 is launching an array of new products and technologies at ICE in London this month. read more »
TradoLogic exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming
11 Jan 2012
The binary options platform provider will be showcasing their latest products for the second year in a row. read more »
BetSoft Gaming nominated for ICE Totally Gaming Award
10 Jan 2012
BetSoft Gaming's Slots3 product line has been nominated as a finalist in the Best Online Product category. read more »
Income Access ready for ICE, LAC
9 Jan 2012
Income Access is attending ICE Totally Gaming and the London Affiliate Conference later this month. read more »
Top-10 gaming resolutions for 2012
30 Dec 2011
Casino City's Dan Igo compiled a list of New Year's resolutions. Of course, his aren't your run-of-the-mill resolutions. His top-10 list consists of casino games and developments he resolves to try in 2012. read more »
iovation named finalist for Best Online Gaming Product
21 Dec 2011
iovation has been named a finalist for the Best Online Gaming Product of the Year by the ICE Totally Gaming panel of judges. read more »
Analysts see promise in IGT
20 Dec 2011
Gambling analysts expect International Game Technology's prospects to improve in 2012 due to expansion and new content. read more »
Inspired unveils new marketing and rewards ecosystem
16 Dec 2011
Inspired Gaming Group will focus on three key themes for ICE: server-based gaming, marketing and rewards, and platform convergence. read more »
International Gaming Awards confirms attendees
14 Dec 2011
The International Gaming Awards will be hosted at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London on Jan. 23, 2012. read more »
Adelson riles players with online poker stance
12 Dec 2011
Hours after news broke that Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson opposes any federal legislation allowing states to license and regulate online poker, players flooded social media with calls to boycott The Venetian's poker room. read more »
Slot machine sales slow but developing
22 Nov 2011
International Game Technology, Bally Technologies and WMS Industries didn't slow development of new products despite slower slot machine sales. read more »
iGaming Business to be media partner at ICE
15 Nov 2011
iGaming Business will return as an exclusive media partner for the ICE Totally Gaming Expo in London in January. read more »
Income Access nominated for International Gaming Award
15 Nov 2011
Income Access is a finalist at the 5th International Gaming Awards in the category of iGaming Software Supplier. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 6
10 Nov 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 5
8 Nov 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 4
3 Nov 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 3
1 Nov 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 2
27 Oct 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
2011 Global Gaming Expo, Part 1
25 Oct 2011
John Grochowski takes us on a tour through this year's expo. read more »
ICE Totally Gaming 2012 begins registration
24 Oct 2011
Visitors planning to attend ICE Totally Gaming 2012 can now complete their free online registration for the event. read more »
G2E a hit despite uncertain economy
18 Oct 2011
The Global Gaming Expo attracted nearly 26,000 attendees and 440 exhibitors covering some 250,000 square feet of exhibit space. read more »
International Gaming Awards giving back to charity
12 Oct 2011
The GREaT Foundation has been appointed as a charitable beneficiary of the International Gaming Awards 2012. read more »
Games with thrilling new twists shine at G2E
10 Oct 2011
The technology available to slot machine manufacturers has allowed developers and designers to create games that are a combination of amusement park rides and gambling devices. And many of those designs were on display at the Global Gaming Expo last week in Las Vegas. read more »
International Gaming Awards releases nominees list
10 Oct 2011
Categories for the 2012 version of the IGA include Casino Operator of The Year Europe and Mobile Operator of the Year. read more »
G2E panel says tribal casinos have thrived
7 Oct 2011
Tribal casinos now offer full-service, hotel-casino destinations that generate millions of dollars annually, but reaction is mixed on whether the market is saturated. read more »
Asian Casino and Gaming Congress to kick off in Singapore
7 Oct 2011
The Asian Casino and Gaming Congress will showcase the latest products, service, trends in sports-entertainment industry. read more »
Nevada casino launches free play poker site
6 Oct 2011
The site will offer cash and non-cash prizes to players, including trips to the hotel-casino on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard to compete in live poker events. read more »
Aristocrat unveils new app for iPhone and iPad
6 Oct 2011
The AristoApp features a library of profiles on the extensive lineup of Aristocrat’s new games and new game categories. read more »
Casinos reluctant to replace older slot machines
6 Oct 2011
Casino operators expressed a continued reluctance to replace older slot machines with some newer games displayed in the G2E's trade show. read more »
Online gambling fears overblown, say gaming industry experts
5 Oct 2011
A gaming expert say that there will always be people who want the live experience of gambling in a casino, regardless of whether online gaming is legalized. read more »
Galaxy Gaming acquires Prime Table Games
4 Oct 2011
The Las Vegas-based table game company purchased British-based Prime Table Games for $23 million on the eve of the Global Gaming Expo. read more »
Shuffle Master turns focus to the Internet
3 Oct 2011
Shuffle Interactive is creating Internet versions of Shuffle Master's proprietary table games such as Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Three Card Poker read more »
IGT to showcase online slot offerings at G2E
30 Sep 2011
International Game Technology will debut its online and mobile gaming offerings at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. read more »
Shuffle Master heading to G2E
30 Sep 2011
Shuffle Master's exhibit at the Global Gaming Expo will spotlight key innovations from the company's five product categories. read more »
Bally Technologies execs to speak at G2E
27 Sep 2011
The slot machine giant is sending several top executives to speak at the Global Gaming Expo Oct. 4-6 in Las Vegas. read more »
WMS to unveil slot portfolio at G2E
27 Sep 2011
Slot giant WMS will display 168 gaming machines at the Global Gaming Expo next week in Las Vegas. read more »
IGT ready for Global Gaming Expo
9 Sep 2011
Slot machine giant International Game Technology will showcase both its land-based and online offerings at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas from Oct. 4-6. read more »
International Gaming Awards gets support from EGBA
7 Sep 2011
The International Gaming Awards and The European Gaming & Betting Association will join hands in helping raise money and awareness for The Horn of Africa crisis appeal. read more »
International Gaming Awards welcomes new judge
6 Sep 2011
Stella Dalton, Head of Business Development at Gamcare, will be a new judge at the International Gaming Awards. read more »
Jan Jones to receive AGA award
26 Aug 2011
The Caesars Entertainment executive will receive the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for Gaming Communications. read more »
ICE Totally Gaming to launch Totally Gaming Awards
18 Aug 2011
The inaugural Totally Gaming Awards will be held on Jan. 23, the night before the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition begins. read more »
Clarion Events moving ICE to ExCel in Feb. 2013
12 Aug 2011
Clarion Events, which organizes the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, has secured support from a leading group of gaming companies for its move to ExCel in February 2013. read more »
Florida Gaming Summit returning to Seminole Hard Rock
28 Jul 2011
The seventh annual Florida Gaming Summit will takes place Feb. 27-28 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will explore the state's increasingly competitive gaming market. read more »
FutureLogic to showcase products at G2E Asia
7 Jun 2011
FutureLogic will demonstrate its new GEN3 Evolution ticket printer and PromoNet® Promotional Couponing Solution at G2E Asia this week. read more »
IGT to showcase new slots at G2E Asia
31 May 2011
International Game Technology will also display both its mobile and online slot machines at the Global Gaming Expo Asia. read more »
Legalization of I-Gaming to be discussed at 15th Annual East Coast Gaming Congress
20 May 2011
Four nationally recognized industry experts will address internet gaming questions at the 15th annual East Coast Gaming Congress, May 23-24. read more »
iGaming Business partners with Global Gaming Expo
26 Apr 2011
iGaming Business, the organizer of the iGaming Super Show, has reached an agreement with the Global Gaming Expo, the organizer of G2E. read more »
G2E Asia to explore key gaming issues
19 Apr 2011
The Global Gaming Expo Asia will take place at the Venetian Macau June 7-9 and will explore the top issues affecting the Asian gaming market. read more »
Income Access CEO to speak at Canadian Gaming Summit
12 Apr 2011
Nicky Senyard will be attending and participating at the upcoming 15th Annual Canadian Gaming Summit in Vancouver next week. read more »
Legislative updates examined at Pennsylvania Gaming Congress & Mid-Atlantic Racing Forum
16 Mar 2011
Future of gaming in Pennsylvania to be discussed at the 7th annual Pennsylvania Gaming Congress & Mid-Atlantic Racing Forum. read more »
Gaming Technology Summit Keynotes Announced
9 Mar 2011
Microsoft, Intel headline Gaming Technology Summit keynotes read more »
Caribbean gaming conference kicks off this week
2 Mar 2011
The Caribbean Gaming Show begins on Thursday in Santo Domingo and expects more than 100 companies and representatives of major brands. read more »
CGS Group holding major Caribbean conference
15 Feb 2011
CGS Group began its process of registration for the Caribbean Gaming Show & Conference 2011. read more »
Visionary iGaming to exhibit at ICE
25 Jan 2011
Visionary iGaming has completed the custom build out of their new high tech casino studio and added their fourth live game. read more »
EveryMatrix introduces mobile sportsbook
25 Jan 2011
The new OddsMatrix mobile sportsbook focuses on features such as live scores, statistics, and sport news alerts. read more »
Spot Option to exhibit in London next week
19 Jan 2011
Spot Option will be exhibiting at the International Casino Exhibition and the London Affiliate Conference. read more »
Southern Gaming Summit, BingoWorld Conference and Expo join forces
12 Jan 2011
The 18th annual Southern Gaming Summit and the 15th annual BingoWorld Conference and Expo will be held May 4-5 in Biloxi. read more »
New Video Poker at G2E 2010
4 Jan 2011
John Grochowski: IGT has been the king of video poker since there's been video poker. read more »
Latin gaming conference to be held in February
16 Dec 2010
The Gaming Executive Summit Latin America in February will bring over 150 gaming executives to Panama City. read more »
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