Amusnet will showcase ideas and connect with industry leaders at iGB L!VE

28 June 2024

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Ahead of iGB L!VE, 2024 Dimitri De Temmerman, Managing Director, Amusnet BNL, highlights how the industry is creating engaging campaigns that focus on player interaction as a key trend and explains Amusnet’s use of neuromarketing techniques to understand how consumers respond to game design, sounds, animations and ads.

What do you regard as being the most important trends in the industry?

In my opinion, a key trend in the industry is creating engaging campaigns that focus on player interaction. It reflects a shift towards putting customers first and acknowledging the importance of offering captivating and immersive experiences. The quality of games provided by operators is crucial for the success of a campaign. At Amusnet, we use neuromarketing techniques to understand how consumers respond to elements like game design, sounds, animations, and ads. This helps us tailor our offerings to match the target audience's preferences better, resulting in an improved player experience. By focusing on delivering attractive gaming experiences, we aim to position Amusnet as a leader in providing innovative and player-centric solutions.

What, in your opinion, are (a) the main opportunities facing the industry over the next 12 months and (b) the main threats?

One of the main opportunities is the potential to expand into new markets as regulations change, providing fresh global growth prospects. Another significant opportunity involves using advanced technologies to improve gaming experiences, enhance security, and streamline operations, driving notable progress. Moreover, gamification offers a considerable chance to captivate players through creative mechanics and reward systems, boosting overall player satisfaction and loyalty.

On the other hand, the industry faces various threats. Uncertain regulations, abrupt changes, or stricter enforcement, as seen in the Netherlands, can present significant challenges. As the sector becomes more digital, the risk of cyberattacks rises, highlighting the need for robust security measures to prevent breaches. Additionally, intensified competition in established markets may lead to oversaturation, making it challenging for businesses to stand out and maintain their market position.

iGB L!VE continues to grow both in terms of exhibitors/sponsors (35% more than in 2023) and attendees – how important is iGB L!VE to the industry/your business and for what reasons?

iGB L!VE is really important to us as a top expo, where Amusnet has been actively involved and backing it strongly. We're proud to be a golden sponsor for the fourth time, showing our commitment to supporting the community and influencing the gaming scene in Europe. The expo is where we showcase our latest ideas and connect with industry leaders, partners, and clients to grow and innovate together.

Our team is looking forward to the upcoming panel at the conference. It features great speakers and a variety of topics. I'm personally excited to participate in the discussion about the future of casino games, discussing popular games like Crash and Plinko and other new online casino trends.

What do you expect to gain from participating in July’s show, and what does success look like?

We're excited to welcome a really large audience to explore our top-quality portfolio. Our goal is to gain valuable insights into industry trends and new technologies to guide our decisions. Personally, receiving positive feedback from partners and attendees is a key sign of a successful expo, so we'll follow up after the event for a more detailed assessment :)

Regarding Amusnet's office in Amsterdam, the numbers tell the story of our recent achievements: we've certified 259 casino games in Belgium and 85 in the Netherlands. Additionally, we've established six new partnerships with reputable operators in both countries. Notable game releases include 27 Eternal Hot, 100 Power Hot, 40 Golden Coins, and 20 Golden Coins.

How do you think the industry will say farewell to Amsterdam, and what are your aspirations arising from the relocation to London in 2025?

Amsterdam has been a wonderful host, not just because we have an office here but because it offers an energetic environment for the casino industry to succeed. We are eager to move to London in 2025 and plan to use London's position as a worldwide business centre to attract a more diverse audience. We aim to make the most of London's extensive business network's networking, partnership, and collaboration prospects. We are enthusiastic about London's possibilities and anticipate contributing to the ongoing success of the iGB L!VE events in this new setting.

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