Caribbean gaming conference kicks off this week

2 March 2011

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Santo Domingo welcomes the most important Authorities and Executives of the gaming industry. CGS2011 will be released this week in the Sans Souci Ports on March 3rd and 4th. More than 35,000 sf exhibition hall for the main products and services of the gaming industry.

"Better than doing things well, is doing them very well". We should use this phrase to describe what we have accomplished until now. It is an interesting appreciat8ion considering how well we have improved when we talk about markets knowledge, job structure, product design and innovation. All these factors were covered and developed to present our third job to this regional market.

We have noticed the international support since the beginning and this has helped us to improve our recognized success. With 12 shows performed in Latin America we have became a successful trademark.

Important companies such as Aristocrat, IGT, Amaya, Bally, Betstone, Unidesa, Gold Club, Mei, EGT have demonstrated that traditional giants in the business knew that something was going on in the Caribbean even though the world was going through hard times, they believed and followed our business proposal.

The Dominican government opened their doors immediately when in 2009 we came to present our project. The Dominican Casino Association brought the necessary contacts and guidance when we requested it. The Puerto Rico Tourism Company and it Gaming Board gave us also a fast support and market entrance. Last year a common interesting pr9oposal was launched by most of the participants and now we will be signing the CGA-Caribbean Gaming Associatiion. We thank and welcome the first members that will be signing this week.

We celebrate also with one of our major Exhibitors, AMAYA GAMING that has been awarded the first ever-online gambling license in Dominican Republic. The site should be ready to launch by the third quarter of 2011. David Bazoov, Amaya CEO and Conrado Abud, Gaming Director of the Dominican Republic signed the official agreement 3 weeks ago, the only license of its kind in the country.

By the other side, the alliance with the Florida International University and Vanguard SEO, first level and prestige corporations, aloud us to offer the first workshops in the region with real value and relevance.

"The Biggest Caribbean Exhibition" welcomes today more than 100 companies and Representatives of major brands of the world. Sans Souci Ports Convention Center will be once again the venue for this unique gaming event in the region

Enjoy these two business days, at CGS GROUP with business, entertainment & fun (BEF)

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