Caribbean Gaming Conference Looks at Economic Survival

22 May 2002

CARIBBEAN – (Press Release) --Members of the media are invited to schedule interviews with:

D. Anthony Nichter, ARM, CPP

Associate in Risk Management, Certified Protection Professional

Veteran security, crisis and risk management consultant

D. Anthony Nichter says:

"The rules have changed in a post 9/11 tourism and travel market. Up until now, the industry has been immune from the nasty side of nation states at war. Now, executives understand that tourism is directly tied to geopolitics and acts of terrorism."

Event The fourth annual Caribbean Gaming & Hospitality Conference,
a conference and business exposition designed by operators,
managers, and special interest groups from the Caribbean travel,
tourism, and hospitality industries.

-- Keynote speaker: Enrique Cruz, Regional Manager, Caribbean,
American Airlines

-- Seminars on resort marketing, executive and regulator
roundtables, money laundering and game protection, slot
analysis, business and casualty threats, technology and table
games, crisis management and recovery

-- New product exhibits

-- Access to top companies and their managers

-- Predictions for the current tourism year throughout the

Presenter WestVille Enterprises, Inc.


Caribbean Gaming & Hospitality Conference 2002

Topic expert

D. Anthony Nitchter, ARM, CPP

1. Emergency preparedness

"We are operating under the false belief that government agencies will
come to the rescue and help during an emergency."

-- How do you stay afloat until help arrives?

-- Does the government practice triage in responding to tragedies and

-- How do you prepare for contingent casualties, i.e., staff layoffs
and cutbacks, vendors, service personnel?

2. Disaster management: crisis management, resource allocation, business

"Good crisis management is the ability to manage at the worst of all
times when multiple events are occurring and you have to make
decisions with minimal information."

-- What happens when your consumables are in short supply, i.e.,
declining supplies of food, water, clean linens, medical supplies?

-- How do you allocate resources?

-- What happens when you have protracted power outages?

-- How do you handle rationing of rooms, sleeping spaces, and bath

-- How do you secure a land-based or ocean-going resort designed to
function as an open-campus?

3. Business recovery

"Most people can recover from the traditional seasonal weather
disasters, and even some infrastructure problems like food, power and
water. But very few can recover from real disasters like arson or a
terrorist takeover of your property or cruise ship."

-- Is it possible to plan for market reclamation in a post 9/11

-- In the event of a tourism-directed terrorist attack, could the
$474 billion tourism industry recover?

-- How to make friends and allies in managing a business recovery?

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