Casino City CEO Runs For Charity At GIGSE

1 June 2006

Montreal, QC -Casino City CEO Michael Corfman is finally ready to put his stunning loss at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GIGSE) Velcro Drag Races behind him, vowing, "Just wait until next year."

After months of training for his match against Ken Driefach, the former Chief of the Internet Bureau for the New York State Attorney General's Office, Corfman traveled to Montreal seeking victory. He came up a few meters short.

"I made a mistake right in the beginning," Corfman said. "I looked at him and said, 'May the right man win.' Probably the wrong thing to say considering Ken was on my right."

The Corfman versus Driefach match was one of eight Velcro Drag Race grudge contests held at GIGSE to raise money for Gordon House, the official charity of the conference. The UK-based organization provides international support for addicted gamblers.

Donations for Gordon House at GIGSE totaled more than $120,000.

Although Corfman agreed to run in the name of charity, it was obvious to all who gathered that he came to win. Guest professional bookmakers put the race at +105 to –125 for Driefach, but being underdog didn't bother a CEO who's gone against long odds before.

Plus, he had a plan.

While other competitors were content to don business casual attire, Corfman quietly changed into athletic shorts and tube socks, hoping to cut down on wind drag and prevent fatigue. His face stern and focused, Corfman even threw in a couple stretches for good measure.

"I was pretty nervous when I saw that he [Corfman] came with a whole athletic outfit," a jesting Driefach said after the race. "I was glad I was able to pull off the win despite having an attire disadvantage."

Known as a strategic thinker, Corfman spent time analyzing the proposed Velcro track in the weeks leading up to GIGSE, experimenting and probing the design for any type of advantage.

At one point, Corfman toyed with the idea of crawling on the track rather than running it, hoping four appendages unhindered by Velcro would give him a speed advantage over his Velcro-hindered opponent.

In the end, Corfman decided to run upright and without gimmick. He got off to a slow start in the awkward, oversized Velcro shoes and although there was a moment when Corfman caught his stride, Driefach built an insurmountable lead in the opening moments and was able to high step to victory.

"It's all about the charity and the fun," Driefach said.

Corfman agreed with Driefach, telling his supporters it was time well spent. Even with the brave face, chances are he's already scheming up a victory plan for 2007 in case the GIGSE organizers ask him to participate again.

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