Clarion Gaming announces events schedule for 2010

4 January 2010

(PRESS RELEASE) -- As part of this industry, it's Clarion's job to mirror the needs and wants of the iGaming industry, and so the events schedule is structured for 2010 to:

• Reduce the number of meetings that online gaming executives need to attend into just 7 focused events over the year, that are much larger in attendance, giving added value to those there for networking.

• Avoid placing any event in the run-up to the World Cup. We felt that, being the biggest betting frenzy…well…ever, it was probably not a good idea to distract anyone from the main event! You won't see a Clarion Gaming conference after the middle of May until all the action is over, so you can concentrate on your core business of raking in the revenue!

• We pride ourselves as being in partnership with the industry – so every event is completely content-led and quality checked by the industry itself! In practice this means you will be learning about topics picked and crafted by hundreds of industry heavy-weights so you can be confident you're hearing the topics most critical to improving your business.

• Networking will always be with decision makers given the executive level of our delegates. This is ensured through competitive pricing – allowing more investment in marketing campaigns, innovative networking events, and ensuring everyone in attendance has the ability to sign off a budget!

• Clarion also offers reduced 2010 pricing for our 2009 delegates. If you attended an event in 2009, contact our sales team ( to find out about the loyalty scheme we are operating in 2010, so your budget can stretch even further!

"We look forward to being your events partner of choice in 2010, helping you build important contact networks, clinch business deals, and learn from industry experts how to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges in such a competitive, expanding online gaming industry. I know 2010 will prove to be another successful and exciting year for everyone involved.
See you at the events!"

--- Mark Walker, Global Head of Conferences, Clarion Gaming

Below is the full event's schedule. If you'd like to get involved at all, email the Event Direct mentioned and let them know if you'd like to speak, refer a speaker, exhibit, sponsor or work with us in any other way.

2010 schedule of Clarion Gaming conferences:

Combating Cybercrime, 26th January, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London
Event Direct –

Win your battle against cybercrime by listening to practical experience from over 20 recognised experts. Join 150 + international anti-fraud specialists at the 6th annual Combating Cybercrime Conference!

Asian iGaming Congress (AiG), 9-11th March, Manila, Philippines
Event Director –

Do you need to meet the top people in Asian iGaming?… AiG provides a unique, discreet and exclusive environment to network and do business with your current and future partners!

Backed by the licensing authority and master licensee in the Philippines, AiG offers a fun, safe-to-attend and supremely well-connected launch pad to secure key contacts and business in Asia.

World Gambling Briefing (WGB), 24-25th March, Malta
Event Director –

World Gambling Briefing focuses on the tangible shifts in policy around the world to highlight where opportunities exist, the nature of those opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

Over 150 attendees, 2 days, 15+ sessions, 30+ speakers and 5 years of delivering the best quality regulatory content in the world makes WGB an unmissable annual meeting for everyone involved in building a global business and exploiting unpredictable opportunities as they arise.

BetMarkets, World Poker Congress, Bingo Business, eCasino Conference –
together at iGaming360, 28-30th April, Madrid, Spain
Event Director –

This is the big event before the world cup in iGaming. Bringing the worlds of sports betting, bingo, poker and casino together, iGaming 360 builds on the huge success of BetMarkets and WPC to bring you a complete, unmatched networking and learning opportunity in the spring, before the World Cup frenzy.

Over 500 attendees, 3 days, 40+ sessions, 70+ speakers, all 4 gaming sectors result in iGaming360 being the major networking, business deal-making, learning and development programme for the first half of your year. Don't miss the Spring/Summer event of 2010!

GiGSE, 12-13th May, location tbc
Event Director –

Prepare your business for the end of UIGEA at the legendary iGaming Conference and Expo!

A regulated United States gaming market could be worth US$13.4bn by its fifth year, so the stakes are high and everyone is interested. Harrah's, Churchill Downs, Betfair, PurePlay, PokerStars already have a foothold in the USA. Don't stay behind!

Latin American iGaming Congress (LAiG), -1st - 2nd September, Uruguay
Event Director –

Latin America is an emerging powerhouse of an economy that has performed well in the recession. It has a huge domestic gambling market, benefits from increasingly good connectivity to the web, and actively seeks investment into it' economy. Can you think of a better platform to successfully offer gaming services to a market that demands them?

LAiG will give you the platform to corner this lucrative, fast-growing market.

European iGaming Congress (EiG), 19-21st October, Copenhagen
Event Director -

EiG is the benchmark for any gaming conference in the world. It offers an unparalleled range and depth of topics to learn about, from high-level strategic debates to tactics for increasing player loyalty. At EiG, businesses are regularly launched, strategies set for the year ahead, reputations built and life-time connections made…EiG is there to be a practical tool for the industry to leverage for networking and learning, so their next year is more successful than the last.

With 35 of the Power 50, over 140 CEOs, 1500 attendees, 35+ sessions, 110+ speakers, 70 exhibition stands and the chance to meet every important iGaming professional in the industry the numbers speak for themselves! EiG your one 'must-attend' conference of the year, whatever you want to achieve in iGaming.

Technology, Innovation and Security in Gaming (TISiG), 30th November – 1st December, Guernsey
Event Director –

Evolving from the popular and growing Combating Cybercrime conference, TISiG is a 2 day event that looks at all the most important aspects of building a strong, scalable and successful online gaming business from behind the scenes.

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