Competition Interactive showcases skill-based games at G2E

27 September 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Competition Interactive is a key player at this year's Global Gaming Expo, G2E, 26-29 September at the Sands Expo Center. G2E is the preeminent expo for the global casino-entertainment industry and it's clear that this year, skill-based video and computer games are stealing the show. Industry experts point to these games as the future for modern casinos to attract new demographics. Competition Interactive is showcasing its innovative Electronic Gaming Machines which are far different than any others about to launch in the casino industry.

Competition Interactive will rock the world of casino gaming one experience at a time. Their games are social, competitive, skill-based and fun, and the remarkable Game Design is of AAA studio quality. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Competition Interactive was born from the love of video game technology and the passion of evolving the casino gaming experience. With leading gaming architect Paul Steelman at the helm along with Keith Winters, a veteran of digital media and animation, the team is comprised of gamers, designers, artists, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Together this finely tuned group is breaking new ground by bringing art and science into the world of casino gaming.

"An industry first built on the desert sands of Nevada and then replicated all over the world always depended on creating memorable entertainment experiences," said Paul Steelman, CEO of Competition Interactive. "I founded Competition Interactive to create and build new forms of casino entertainment to surprise the youth in all of us with new experiences. I love tech. . . . I love being positive. . . . I love that it is a unique experience each time you start a game. Competition Interactive has built a whole new world of casino competitive interactive games."

Running Rich Racing, Competition Interactive's premier game, is garnering huge attention at G2E. Running Rich Racing is a multi-player kart-racing experience where players battle for cash on different courses based on modern spins of classic fairy tales. Each race is its own intense adrenaline rush for drivers as well as spectators, who participate by laying stake on their favorite driver.

"Currently the majority of competitive gaming only takes place at the table games," said Winters. "With our games, the casino floor will be revolutionized with competition not only between the player and the house but now you're interacting with other casino game players on our multi-player gaming machines. This is bringing the ARCADE back to life."

G2E attendees are among the first in the public to not only see, but play the racing gaming that will hit casino floors in 2017. Even more exciting, the attendees will compete against each other for a three day long tournament during the expo with a grand prize winner taking home a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. Starting Tuesday at noon and running through Thursday at noon, attendees have an opportunity to qualify to be a part of a tournament happening at 2:00 Thursday afternoon. Those with the top three race times over the three days for each of the six different racetracks will qualify for the tournament. 18 competitors will battle it out in three rounds, with the top two fastest times ultimately going head-to-head with the winner driving off in a brand new car.

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