Convicted fraudster to take the stage at EiG

20 September 2013

LONDON -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Delegates attending the forthcoming EiG in Barcelona from Oct. 8-10 will gain a unique insight to the motivations, mindset and most importantly the methodology of Britain’s most successful card fraudster.

Tony Sales, who at the height of his criminal "career" was defrauding retailers, finance houses and financial institutions of £30 million through false identities, credit cards and other fraudulent schemes, will be sharing his insight in association with payments and ID credentials validation specialist Jumio.

The one-hour workshop interview will highlight how Sales stole player identities, maxed-out payment cards, and targeted different operators and platforms during a six-year criminal career, while offering a unique opportunity for businesses to understand how they are targeted by organised crime gangs, and what to do about it.

Speaking ahead of his appearance at EiG, Sales explained how his "skills" can be applied to the gaming industry.

"I could gain the login details of a customer of a gaming website," Sales said. "I would only play small to start with and maybe work it for several weeks, depending on how much the customer had in their account. I could then change the customer address to match a card I have then simply cash out the customer's winnings straight into the account I would have control over. Customers' addresses are stored in the back end of the gaming sites. So now I have the customer's address I can take my bankcard straight into the bank and change the address, as I have captured on video recently. Then I just change the card details on the site -- it's as simple as that!”

"Interview with a convicted fraudster … how card fraudsters target gaming sites," sponsored by Jumio, will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 9 from noon-1 p.m.

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