Director of California's Division of Gambling Control Win Award

31 October 2002

LAS VEGAS, Nevada –(Press Release) -- The International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) and Global Gaming Business magazine today announced that Harlan Goodson, the Director of the California Department of Justice's Division of Gambling Control, has been named the first recipient of the IMGL's Gaming Regulator of the Year. The new award will quickly become the most prestigious honor bestowed upon an individual who is dedicated to fairly and effectively overseeing the gaming industry in a particular jurisdiction.

"Harlan Goodson is truly a deserving recipient," says IMGL President Frank Catania, the former director of New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement, president of Catania Consulting, and an attorney with the firm of Sterns & Weinroth. "He has built an effective regulatory system essentially from the ground up that is charged with supervising the diverse gaming industry in California, particularly Native American gaming."

Goodson will receive the award at "IMGL Presents California 2002," which will be held at the Silverado Resort and Country Club in Napa Valley, California, on December 4-6, 2002. The conference will focus on the emerging gaming industry in California, but will also cover issues of interest to gaming attorneys and legal scholars around the world. California 2002 is produced by Global Gaming Business Conferences, a division of Global Gaming Business magazine. For further information regarding the conference, go to

Goodson is a former Oakland, California police officer and an attorney. Prior to being appointed to the Division of Gambling Control, Goodson worked in the California State Senate as a legislative consultant for then-President Pro Tempore, Senator Bill Lockyer. While serving as a consultant in the state legislature, Goodson drafted legislation in the areas of criminal law, correctional law, juvenile law and insurance law. Additionally, he was involved in crafting legislation pertaining to Driving Under the Influence and was an appointee on the first Governing Board of the California Earthquake Authority that was established to provide residential earthquake insurance coverage throughout the state. Goodson is a graduate of Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Management program.

IMGL's Gaming Regulator of the Year Award is sponsored by Global Gaming Business Magazine. Goodson will be featured on the cover of the December 1, 2002 edition of Global Gaming Business, with a profile of the esteemed regulator as a feature.

IMGL is an invitation-only association and there are membership criteria and limitations. A general member must have at least five years experience in gaming law and no more than two general members from a jurisdiction are permitted. In addition to general membership, IMGL has three categories of associate membership-regulator, educator and in-house counsel. While there are no limitations on the number of associate members, everyone must fulfill certain experience criteria. The mission of IMGL is simple: Education.

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