Eurocoin looking to expand presence at EAG

12 January 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Eurocoin will be at this week's EAG (stand 424) with an established reputation for having the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help operators of all sizes maximize the huge business opportunities offered by TITO.

Eurocoin's specialist TITO team, headed by National Sales Manager, Paul Smith, will be showcasing no fewer than five dedicated TITO-centric products from respected brands including JCM FutureLogic, Thomas Automatic and Playsafe Monitoring.

Expanding on Eurocoin's TITO commitment, Paul Smith said: "Eurocoin has already helped thousands of gaming customers adopt TITO. We have supplied many thousands of printers and millions of slot tickets to casinos and operators clients in the UK and Europe. Following the Gambling Business Group's success in achieving a long-awaited common protocol, we feel we have all the essential TITO products and systems required by our valued U.K. clients, and can assist them with a seamless and inexpensive transition into TITO ticket payout.”

"We enjoy a close and long-standing relationship with JCM and serve as main distributors for the JCM FutureLogic Ticket2Go system, which provides smaller businesses with the opportunity to connect and integrate gaming machines on to a TITO system. It's very important that no operator is denied the benefits offered by TITO due to their size and Ticket2Go represents a proven and cost-effective solution."

For operators seeking a Cash Desk efficiencies when adding TITO, Eurocoin provides the Thomas PayStation, which is designed, manufactured and distributed exclusively through the company. "The PayStation is a market-leading change machine which has a major role to play in the TITO experience" explained Smith. "Customers can redeem their winning TITO tickets instantly for notes and coins in complete privacy, avoiding the trek to the Cash Desk. Coins and banknotes can still be accepted as needed, then changed and dispensed in the note denominations requested. One of the key operational benefits of TITO is that it frees up staff to do what they do best – the PayStation kiosk compliments their efforts and helps improve the entire experience of the automated TITO customer journey.

"Adopting TITO offers greater security and accountability for gaming operators. But how do you access this important machine data quickly and easily? The answer is to connect the ticket data with your Playsafe Monitoring audit system. Acquired by Eurocoin in 2015, the Playsafe ‘Quantum’ system not only provides detailed analysis on money in/money out, ROI on each machine and speeds up cash room counts of banknotes and coins, it can also provide precise data on the balance of redeemed and unredeemed TITO tickets (both by quantity and value) in any given period, providing operators with up to the minute and accurate accounting information."

Reflecting on Eurocoin's strong presence at EAG, Smith concluded: "With the new £1 coin on the horizon, TITO is on every UK operator’s radar right now. We think we can offer customers significant advantages as they move to TITO in 2016, based upon our experience, our product range and the simplicity of a turn-key partnership with Eurocoin. If you add our status as Europe's biggest supplier of slot tickets, our distribution agreement with FutureLogic for the Gen 2 U Printer and the fact that all aspects of our service are backed by the E-Service team of experienced engineers, I think we can offer ourselves to UK clients in confidence as the industry's leading Total TITO Solution Providers."

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