Focus North America Masterclass to take place during SiGMA’s Malta Week

8 November 2021

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In preparation for SiGMA’s Malta Week, the squad gathered the precise information to the queries which still haven’t been discussed or answered when it comes to gaming in North America.

We seek to pursue learning through those who are experts in their field. What you research online is not always appropriately drafted and directed towards your query in question.

To get this done the right way an outline of topics was drafted with the right experts chased down. This is what to expect during SiGMA Europe’s three-hour masterclass taking place on the 18th of November at MFCC.

Part one of this informative masterclass gives an overview of the market. This overview outlines the regulatory landscape in North America. Online gaming regulation in both the US and Canada is a regional issue. The North American gaming industry was worth USD 42.83 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow to USD 83.73 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 11.8 percent throughout that time (2021-2026).

The regulation aspects tackled during this part are market access and taxation. Licensing will also be tabled for discussion of who needs to get licensed and for what. This information will be presented by Speaker Susan Hensel, Co-Founder & Partner at Hensel Grad P.C.

Tribal gambling as we know it now originated from the 1970s when a number of Indian tribes began operating bingo halls to raise funds for tribal government activities.

After this section, Loretta Tuell, Partner at Tuell Law gives a tribal overview to aid viewers in understanding the differences between tribal and commercial casinos better.

The IGRA which regulates the conduct of gaming on Indian Lands will also be a focal topic of debate during this session.

For the first time, Canadians will be able to wager online at sportsbooks and casinos permitted in the nation, thanks to the legalisation of single-event sports betting in Canada this year.

Ontario is leading the way in allowing operators to apply for licenses this autumn, and major international brands such as 888 are anticipated to start accepting bets in the country soon. During this masterclass, Paul Burns, President & CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association will delve deeper into opportunities for the newly regulated market in Canada.

In part 2, an executive panel discussion on the reality of doing business in the US will be led by Itsik Akiva, Online gaming and marketing consultant at American iGaming solutions and addressed by top-tier speakers Tsachi Maimon, CEO at Aspire Global, and Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg CEO of American iGaming Solutions.

Topics include platforms, content on various aspects such as sports betting content, slots, certification, licensing, integration, distribution and other services.

In the next discussion, moderated by Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg, CEO of American iGaming Solutions speaks to Richard Schuetz, CEO, Schuetz Consulting and Loretta Tuell, Partner, Tuell Law on updates on the California tribal gaming market including the future of sports betting.

This panel shares updates on other developments happening in tribal gaming states around the country like Michigan and Florida.

This roundtable is to be followed by the closing discussion for this masterclass touching based on affiliate marketing in the US.

Moderator Itsik Akiva, Gaming & New Technology Consultant at American iGaming Solutions together with speakers Ben Truman, Co-Founder of MediaTroopers, Thomas Vermulen, Affiliate & Internationalisation Manager of Smarkets, and Erica Anderson, Director of Marketing at Income Acces will delve into the rising popularity of affiliate marketing for the United States.

With Canada recently implementing major changes to the gaming industry, SiGMA Group believes that this country is the most suitable location for the gaming expo SiGMA Americas to premiere in July 2022.

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