GIGSE Latest: Bluff Magazine Editor Under Observation in Mental Clinic

18 May 2006

MONTREAL, Canada -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Michael Casseli, editor of Bluff magazine and I-Gaming
Review remained under care at the psychological ward of the
Montreal General Hospital after being apprehended at the
ACME Velcro Co. in Montreal for trespassing and minor
property damage.

"The damage was minimal," said a spokesperson from Acme. "It
turns out the guy had broken in and was trying to modify a
pair of Velcro boots. These are the type used for racing

But it was a bit more complicated than that. According the
RCMP, a call was received from ACME's security department
that they had apprehended the suspect at around two AM.
Caselli had broken through an alley way window, and was
causing damage to company property. An officer described the
bizarre and embarrassing scene.

"He found where the company had stored the boots for Velcro
drag racing. He had wrapped duct tape around one pair and
had written on the tape in big bold letters MIKEY'S BOOTS.
The suspect then began to shave off the plastic hooks
located on the soles with a Swiss Army knife."

A company employee discovered Caselli in the act, Tami Smith
who said, " He didn't see me at first. He was giggling and
repeating over and over "Must beat Bailey, must beat
Bailey." When he saw me, he dropped the knife and screamed
like a girl. He got up to run, but I tackled him. I was
surprised he went down so easy since I only weigh 115
pounds. He didn't put up much of a fight."

According to witnesses, he began screaming, "Don't you know
who I am?" which puzzled them - they had no idea who he was.
Mental Health officials were called in at that time.

"I'm afraid Mr. Casselli suffers from what we call
hyper-delusional fixations," explained Dr. Frankenfurter,
MGH's ward supervisor. "He is fixated with the webmaster of, a certain Bryan Bailey, and Caselli
simply snapped."

This may be the case. Several days ago, Caselli's Lyceum
Publishing distributed a bizarre press release claiming that
Bryan Bailey had an unfortunate accident that involved
Velcro and sheep. Bailey was contacted and stated, "Yes,
that was an odd press release. The funny thing is, when I
was supposedly chasing sheep I was actually sponsoring a
picnic for the local orphanage. We were barbequing, and I
was teaching orphans how to play American softball. In fact,
Casinomeister has always been generous. We donated a decent
sum of money for the charity drive at GIGSE. I don't see
Caselli doing that."

And while this may be true, we spoke with one of Caselli's
office workers who wished to remain anonymous. She said, "He
hasn't been the same since he accepted Bailey's challenge.
He stares off into space and mumbles a lot. I think it's
really sad."

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