GIGSE Sumo Grudge Match Gallery

24 May 2004

May 19, 2004, Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo, Toronto.

True Warriors: Bryan Bailey (left) and Michael Caselli, moments before their historic match. (The air was so thick with tension you could have cut it with a knife.)

A well-dressed Jay Stubina flexes for the camera--clearly an intimidation tactic.

Steve Ives (left) and Anthony Novac pose with referee Keith Furlong, moments after trying to rip each other apart limb by limb. (In observance of the Olympic tradition, they fought in the nude.)

Volunteers sort wagers and tally contributions to GamCare.

Bryan Bailey (facing the camera) attempts to oust Michael Caselli from the ring, while Keith Furlong watches. (Notice River City Group's Sue Schneider in the background wondering if she's made a huge mistake.)

Ken Barr (left) and Peter Kjaer engaged in a classic battle of strength and endurance.

Steve Ives (left) and Anthony Novac, airborne and about to clash.

Sting (back) and Sue Schneider take a rest following a takedown.

GamCare's Peter Cox thanks the donors for their contributions, while bookie Mark Blandford (back left) awaits the latest betting lines and an unidentified bystander enjoys a fresh piece of fruit.

Rob Vermuelen prepares to kill.

Blandford (right) updates MC Kevin Smith on the betting action.

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