GiGse to focus on unconventional thinking

27 February 2017

(PRESS RELEASE) -- "GiGse's role is to stand up and challenge conventional thinking," is how Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming's Head of Content, chose to describe the importance of the forthcoming edition, which is being held for the first time at San Diego's Marriott Marquis Marina (26–28 April). GiGse delegates will be presented with three days packed with information, insight, networking and opportunity, with the accent firmly on the future.

Expanding on her summation, Ewa Bakun added, "GiGse's objective is to bring a disruptive influence to the gaming debate. Throughout the world, the accepted way of doing things is being challenged and the gaming industry is no different. GiGse will pose a range of questions some of which may be uncomfortable: for example, is the U.S. casino sector at risk of losing its foothold within an online and disruptive entertainment market? Is U.S. gaming's past destroying its future? As well as posing the difficult questions, GiGse's role is also to debate and resolve."

She continued, "This is going to be one of the most fiery and contentious GiGse events on record, and not everyone is going to agree, but that just reinforces how the future of gaming is so fundamentally important and why this edition of GiGse cannot be missed."

True to its commitment to the future, GiGse offers a unique opportunity to prepare gaming brands for the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. As part of the Activate 2027 program, GiGse will explore the technology, innovations and potential regulatory hurdles facing all brands operating in the gaming space, and courtesy of outside industry input and C-Level debates, enable them to keep their vision in line with the future.

The simplistic 2-track format enables attendees to devise their social gaming journey alongside envisioning an AI customer experience – mastering on-premise mobile while plotting their next eSports tournament, all set against the backdrop of forthright political and social debate conducted at the highest level.

For more information on GiGse 2017, visit the website.

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