Highlights from CAP Spring Break, 2007

12 June 2007

OK, time to add another location. What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas. Oh my dear god. What a wild ride. Those of you who were there know what I'm taking about, and those of you who missed it...well, there is always next year. In the meantime, here are the highlights from my CAP Spring Break experience. For more pics and uncensored stories, you'll have to contact me directly.

Never fly US Airways. EVER.
I know the flights are cheap. I know it's tempting. Please, just don't do it, I beg of you. Why? Several reasons. The lovely folks at US Airways lost my bag on the way to the Bahamas, only to be retrieved 1.5 days later after many frantic phone calls to the customer service line. On my trip back to Boston, fight number one, the toilets stopped flushing and we were asked to reserve bathroom trips for emergencies only as the "toilet situation was getting bad". Not joking. That is a direct quote from the flight attendant. Before boarding flight number two, we were delayed for over two hours in Charlotte due to "technical difficulties" on our plane. See what I'm saying? Worst airline on earth.

I cannot stay away from the Swedes.
What is it with these people? The Swedes in this industry are fantastic! First it is wild times in Costa Rica with Poker Host, next it is wild times in the Bahamas with Affiliate Lounge. One of the highlights of my trip was dinner with the Swedes (well, one is half Indian, but whose counting), even though the waiters could not figure out how to make a vodka club soda. Oh well. At least they made a mean chicken mojo.

I learned a new fun word. "Missile".
What does it mean? I'm not telling. You will have to ask my girl from ChipLeader, but you'll probably need to get her drunk first. So now I have three new fun words that I have learned from online gaming friends. SHPRITZ, FEK, and MISSILE (capitalized for the full effect, of course). Actually, there is one more...såja...that one's for the Swedes in particular. Still don't know what these words mean? That's too bad. You're really missing out.

Sparky Collins is a real person.
For all you Gambling 911 junkies out there, Sparky Collins does exist, and he/she might be the most entertaining individual I have ever met in my life. A group of us congregated at the pool one sunny afternoon and watched Sparky- decked out in full blown transvestite gear- approach random guests for a picture. The reaction was priceless...some embraced the absurdity and posed while some were horrified and ran away for dear life. Sparky even got reprimanded by the lifeguard.

I like dangerous and scary waterslides.
Even though Wolf from OnlineForumChallenge.com warned us that we might "poop ourselves", the Pres led us on for some water slide fun. First stop was "The Abyss", a straight drop enclosed in complete darkness that you must hurl yourself into. Next was "The Leap of Faith". Must I say anymore.

Eel tastes good.
Anyone that knows the BetUS team knows that they have excellent taste when it comes to fine dining (and booze). Lucky for me, this team was kind enough to include me in several fine dining experiences during our time at CAP Spring Break, most notably an evening at Nobu. I tried everything that was put in front me, including the eel, but only because it was the BetUS team. Also, if you ever go to Nobu, please be sure to order the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce. Absolutely amazing. Better than sex. Trust me.

I am getting married!
Ok, fine, maybe I'm not. So what if it was a joke. So what if we were drunk. So what if it's because I'm an American citizen and the one way ticket to a Green Card. I still got proposed to, goddamn it.

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