IGCE '08 focuses on legal issues

2 January 2008

(PRESS RELEASE) -- IGCE '08, the International Gaming Conference & Expo (IGCE, scheduled for Lisbon, Portugal, April 22-24 of 2008 has emphasized its concentration on the legal aspects of the gaming and sports industries in an effort to avoid what a spokesperson for the organization has referred to as the "current, inevitable glut of conferences that are occurring on an international basis."

"IGCE is the conference division of The Sports Network, the premiere real- time sports wire service in the United States," stated Amanda Manero, Conference Coordinator for IGCE, "and their reputation for providing first class service and accommodation to their client base has extended itself with regard to the upcoming conference.

"Attending an informative and well organized conference with top level speakers is always the obvious priority but," concluded Ms Manero, "the industry demands a focus and concentration on the topic that is of greatest concern to all at this time and into the foreseeable future. Primary on that list, as we enter a new year, is complete and expert knowledge of the legalities pervading the sports and gaming industry at this time, from the United States to Europe and beyond.

"We are faced with a multi-billion dollar business and the areas of legislation, regulation, political rulings that occur without announcement but with unerring regularity have the potential of putting many individuals and organizations in harm's way. It is necessary and critical that all are acutely aware of how to address, combat and adapt to these ever-changing times. That, in essence, is the purpose of IGCE '08, to bring together the finest and most well-known attorneys and corporate leaders from around the globe to address present problems as they are perceived and to discuss those that are waiting on the legal horizon."

The conference spokesperson added that IGCE '08 is planning on addressing issues that are tied to off-shore gaming, how to handle and react to the U.S. market, payment processing, money laundering, marketing of gaming, whether or not affiliate relationships are entering their own 'danger zone,' the recent WTA decision in the conflict between Antigua and the U.S. and how it plays on the world stage as well as many other topics that are noted on the conference web site, IGConference.com.

IGCE has also announced that registration will be accompanied by reservations for specific luncheon seating with designated speakers on a first come, first serve basis and that attendees cannot sit with the same speaker on both days of the conference so that all have an opportunity to network and interact with the faculty members.

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