IGCE a Huge Success

28 April 2006

COSTA RICA – (PRESS RELEASE) -- The International Gaming
Conference & Expo (IGCE), which took place April 9th-11th in San Jose,
Costa Rica, dramatically exceeded its goal of addressing issues of growth,
technology, legalities and consolidation as they affect the companies
competing within this burgeoning industry of gaming. As the accolades
continue to pour in from those who attended, exhibited and sponsored, plans
are presently underway for IGCE Europe, to be held in Dublin, Ireland,
September 10-12 at Fitzpatrick Castle. "It was clearly our intention to
take the lead as a conference destination for the industry," indicated
Chris Dauer, Director of Conferences for The Sports Network, organizer of
the event, "and the final results have indicated that the first step
towards that goal has been achieved. Those are the facts, not
self-aggrandizement or breast-beating by ourselves, the organizers, but
truly the reflection of the results. The plaudits and kudos, the
compliments, have been ongoing and we fully expect that Dublin will be
twice as big and successful as Costa Rica.

"Consequently, one's accomplishments and successes are best judged by
what others have to say about your efforts, and not by self-indulgence, so
inclusion of those comments are more than ample confirmation of the result,
as well as what the future holds."

"I've been to many conferences over the years, as speaker, moderator,
chairperson and attendee in some cases but this was the best opening
cocktail party for those in attendance that I have seen," said Joe Kelly, a
renowned attorney and Professor of Business Law at SUNY College at Buffalo,
who spoke on a panel addressing the political hurdles facing the industry
world-wide today. "It was not only planned down to the last minute detail
but organized in such a fashion that speakers, sponsors, attendees and
exhibitors were able to interact for extended periods of time without
worrying about dinner plans thanks to the repast offered. Just fantastic!"

"Congratulations on a really great conference! I don't think I have
ever spoken before a more interested audience. And a lot of people told me
that our legal debate was the best of its kind they had ever seen," stated
I. Nelson Rose, attorney and gaming law expert, who debated Bob Blumenfeld,
one of the lead counselors for Antigua in the case against the U.S. in the
WTO. "I am glad I was able to help make the conference such a success."

Melissa Kearns, Assistant Director for Conferences at TSN, added that
"Our direction of analyzing and examining the gaming industry today, and
what the future holds, began, sustained and closed with presentations
followed by questioning and interacting with some of the preeminent names
in the industry and organizations that have helped to set the height of the
bar. It is fully our intention to maintain that pace when we arrive in
Dublin in September and it is very encouraging to see that the inquiries
for sponsorship, exhibiting, speaking and attending are already coming to
us in great numbers. Those who have attended conferences for years, who are
extremely knowledgeable and respected, have added such laudatory comments
as the following:

'The show had a good flow, interesting topics, and a great mix of
panelists. I was proud to be a part of the maiden voyage!' - Terry
Lefton, Editor at Large, Sports Business Journal

'The event was not only informative, but the most well planned
event I have attended in years. I will definitely be in attendance
in Dublin.' - Michael Caselli, Editor, iGaming Magazine

'The convention dramatically exceeded its goal of addressing issues
of growth, technology, legalities and consolidation as they affect
the companies competing within this rapidly expanding industry.
With a brilliant first effort behind them, the IGCE takes on
Dublin, Ireland in the fall of 2006.' - Buzz Daly, Contributing
Writer, EOG.com

"It is expected," Ms. Kearns concluded, "that everyone will be marking
down those dates in September for IGCE Europe and that ours, in Costa Rica
and Ireland, will be the mainstays and principal gathering places for
conference participants for the future."

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