IGCE attendance surges

19 October 2006

HATBORO, Pennsylvania -– (PRESS RELEASE) -- The International Gaming
Conference & Expo (IGCE Europe), slated to take place November 5-7 in
Dublin at the historic Fitzpatrick Castle, has experienced a surge in
attendance over the past week and many analysts involved with the gaming
industry have indicated that this conference could not have come at a
better time.

"As everyone involved with the Internet and gaming online, gaming that
is focused on sports wagering, has come to realize of late," stated Wayne
Nixon, Director of the IGCE Conference. "President George W. Bush has now
enlisted banks and credit cards to act as the CIA, FBI and NSA now that the
U.S. government has used a port security bill to pass the Unlawful Internet
Gambling Enforcement Act. The major questions that will be addressed in
Dublin," he continued, "are where will that leave most Internet gaming
sites? Will this effort mirror the Prohibition Amendment of 1919 or is it
just a ploy to open the flood plains of Internet gambling to the gaming
corporations of Nevada, to make it legalized, nationwide, taxed and
regulated? One has to wonder whether the so-called 'private companies' will
simply continue with business as usual while the public ones adhere to the
legislation before their stock prices drop even further? We expect that the
experts we have assembled from around the globe...the legal, financial,
technical, governmental and others...will offer advice, opinions, direction
and answers to these and many other questions in Dublin, November 5-7. That
is why we have extended the registration period."

"The latest U.S. legislation has the online/offshore gaming industry in
a turmoil," indicated a governmental spokesperson in Dublin on the
condition of anonymity, "from London to Bangkok, New York to Dublin,
Beijing to Costa Rica, Malta to Gibraltar. The major question on the minds
and lips of everyone is 'Will gaming survive?'"

The situation is so urgent and pressing, budgets and expenditures so
strained at present, that IGCE is offering a second complimentary guest
registration for everyone registered for the conference, or planning to
register this week and next...past, present and right up to November 5th.

"These are introspective and somewhat perilous times for the industry,"
continued Mr. Nixon, "with corporate and executive futures being determined
on an almost daily basis, fear of dealing with U.S. players/punters
permeating everywhere and uncertainty evident with whomever one speaks to
about the future as critical legal opinions are being sought from Asia to
North America. It is the opinion of many that the industry will sustain. It
will not close down. Methodologies to endure and perpetuate, to move
forward, are primary considerations. Legal advisories and debates, postures
of various venues from Antigua to Malta, are a mainstay of a number of
planned sessions that are on the agenda for Dublin."

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