IGCE Europe Features Extensive List of Speakers

6 October 2006

HATBORO, Pennsylvania –- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The International Gaming
Conference & Expo (IGCE Europe), slated to take place November 5-7 in
Dublin at the historic Fitzpatrick Castle, will feature an extensive and
comprehensive program and roster of speakers, unprecedented within the
industry of online sports and casino/poker/skill games wagering. "It could
not come at a better time," so say analysts within the industry.

"The latest U.S. legislation has the online/offshore gaming industry in
a turmoil," stated Wayne Nixon, Director of the IGCE Conference, "from
London to Bangkok, New York to Dublin, Beijing to Costa Rica, Malta to
Gibraltar. Panic is running rampant in the streets, major gaming groups are
watching their stocks fall faster than rain in a hurricane, planned mergers
are now on shelves so far back they cannot be seen, resignations of CEOs,
COOs, Board Directors and others are being handed in daily and travel to
the U.S. by anyone remotely involved in the industry has come to a
screeching halt. The major question on the minds and lips of everyone is
'Will gaming survive?'

"And," Mr. Nixon continued, "there are secondary ones all pretty much
the same as the industry circles its wagons...'Will the Internet aspect of
it come to a screeching halt in the days, weeks and months ahead? Are
privately held companies going to replace the public ones and simply shore
up their defenses while increasing their customer base? What are the
political and lobbying plans of major Nevada-based operations? Has the U.S.
turned into the grim reaper for offshore and online wagering? Has the
balloon finally burst and are we starting to see rubble instead of

The situation is so urgent and pressing, budgets and expenditures so
strained at present, that IGCE is offering a complimentary guest
registration for everyone registered for the conference...past, present and
right up to November 5th.

"These are introspective and somewhat perilous times for the industry,"
continued Mr. Nixon, "with corporate and executive futures being determined
on an almost daily basis, fear of dealing with U.S. players/punters
permeating everywhere and uncertainty evident with whomever one speaks to
about the future. The fact of the matter is that advertising and marketing
campaigns are on hold, other I-gaming conferences are canceling from
Montreal to Las Vegas, new markets are being explored and critical legal
opinions are being sought from Asia to North America. It is our opinion,"
Mr. Nixon concluded, "and that of many others, that the industry will
sustain. It will not close down. Methodologies to endure and perpetuate, to
move forward, are primary considerations. Legal advisories and debates,
postures of various venues from Antigua to Malta, are a mainstay of a
number of planned sessions that are on the agenda for Dublin."

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