IGCE Features Industry Leaders

29 September 2006

HATBORO, Pennsylvania – (PRESS RELEASE) -- The International Gaming
Conference & Expo (IGCE Europe), slated to take place November 5-7 in
Dublin at the historic Fitzpatrick Castle, will feature an extensive and
comprehensive program and roster of speakers, unprecedented within the
industry of online sports and casino/poker/skill games wagering.

"This is the one conference," indicated Wayne Nixon, Conference
Director for The Sports Network, organizer of IGCE Europe, "to replace
Montreal, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Barcelona gatherings. These are
introspective and somewhat perilous times for the industry. Corporate and
executive futures are being determined on an almost daily basis; travel to
the U.S. by anyone involved with online and offshore gaming has been
reduced to zero; fear of dealing with U.S. players/punters permeates
everywhere; stock prices are descending faster than falling rain; mergers
are on hold; advertising and marketing campaigns gather dust on company
shelves; I-gaming conferences are canceling from Montreal to Las Vegas; new
markets are being explored; and critical legal opinions are being sought
from Asia to North America. It is our opinion," Mr. Nixon continued, "and
that of many others, that the industry will sustain. It will not close
down. Methodologies to endure and perpetuate, to move forward, are primary
considerations. Legal advisories and debates, postures of various venues
from Antigua to Malta, are a mainstay of a number of planned sessions."

IGCE Europe has gathered together an array of speakers unequalled by
any other conference attempting to address the matters facing the industry.
The comprehensive program will examine online gambling, poker, bingo, skill
games, affiliate marketing and relationships, sports content, horse racing,
land- based competition, gaming platforms, technology, international legal
and regulatory issues, marketing/brand awareness, payment solutions, Asian
and European markets -- appeal of soccer, cricket, rugby and other sports,
the public desire for mahjong/backgammon/casino games/virtual horse racing,
money laundering accusations, dealing with U.S. politics, mobile
applications are the tip of the iceberg.

IGCE Europe will also feature a one-day precursor European spotlight,
featuring regulators and leaders from key European jurisdictions including
Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Brussels, Finland, Gibraltar and Sweden. This
in- depth segment will include discussion on the possibility of
de-regulation of the German market following the declaration of Oddset (the
state monopoly) as un-constitutional, the implication of the Swiss
Institute of Comparative Law and its recommendations, and the Italian
blockage of gambling sites.

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