IGCE goes green

7 December 2007

HATBORO, Pennsylvania -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- It was announced today that IGCE,
the conference division of The Sports Network, the premiere real-time
sports wire service in the United States, will be "going green" for their
April, 2008 event in Lisbon, Portugal. "We are not going to save the world,
nor the environment," said Conference Coordinator, Amanda Manero, "but we
are interested in making whatever contribution we can and 'going green'
does not mean we are returning to the site of one of our prior efforts ...
Dublin, Ireland. No workbooks and everything on disk, no flyers, no hard
mailings and so forth. It also means catering to the market."

The International Gaming Conference & Expo has also conducted a study
to determine the topics that would be of greatest concern to the industry
and those attending IGCE 2008.

"That is when we determined that there was nothing more important and
necessary than the legal viewpoint domestically and internationally,"
continued Ms. Manero. "It went well beyond networking, exhibitors,
technological advances, new games, affiliates, and all the rest. The
industry's very existence was, and is, hanging in the balance. That is what
has to be addressed. We did that with a roster and faculty of speakers that
is unparalleled ... among which are Gabi Campus, Martin Owens, Joe Kelly,
Ed Dowd, Tony Coles, Emery Brett Ledger, Mark Mendel, Wulf Hambach, Paul
Dwyer, Manfred Bodner, Anthony Cabot, Mitch Garber, Andrew Woods, Paddy
Woods, Quirino Mancini, Fred Gushin, Dr.Tony Axisa, Thiebault Verbiest and
Nelson Rose ... to name just a few."

IGCE has also announced that registration will be accompanied by
reservations for specific luncheon seating with designated speakers on a
first come, first serve basis and that attendees cannot sit with the same
speaker on both days of the conference.

IGCE has indicated that the venue will be the 5-star Corinthia Lisboa
Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Further, all inquiries regarding speaking at the
conference, attendance and sponsorship must be made between now and January
15th particularly for attendees to reserve a spot and avail themselves of
the early bird special of 1095 Euros. On January 15th the conference
registration fee will go to 1295 Euros.

"We are actually limiting attendance to 250 in an effort for attendees
and speakers to gain the greatest amount of knowledge and interaction
between all. Consequently, we are asking that registration be made via
direct contact with our offices right now before we 'open it up' to the
Internet and our IGCE site. When we reach that number, we will close out
the conference registration."

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