IGCE headed to Lisbon in 2008

12 December 2007

(PRESS RELEASE) -- It was announced today that the International Gaming Conference & Expo (IGCE) has released its program for the Lisbon, Portugal conference slated for April 22-24. IGCE is the conference division of The Sports Network, the premiere real-time sports wire service in the United States.

"After intense research and studies conducted," stated Amanda Manero, Conference Coordinator for IGCE, "it was determined that the most important area of discussion, awareness and direction was the legal one. Technology, marketing, payment processing, money laundering, the course to be taken to address the burgeoning audience that is Asia are all of interest but, as one attendee noted, 'They are to no avail if we are not acutely aware of every legal hurdle that we must overcome in our own country and internationally.'

We addressed that with a literal 'super star' faculty of speakers from around the world and applied their expertise and knowledge to topics of critical interest."

Among the many areas to be covered during the two-day conference will be such diverse topics as:

-- Whom do you fear more, the DOJ or MGM Mirage, Stations Casino Group and Harrah's? Where do you go from here?
--Are there any real benefits to relocating to Antigua, Malta, Gibraltar, and Isle of Man?
--What is the real Internet future of poker, casino games, mah jong, backgammon and anything else categorized as games of skill? Is there such a thing as a game of skill?
-- Is it time to sell, merge, acquire or just expand? Are IPOs yesterday news?
-- How do you get around the concrete hurdles of advertising, marketing, promotion, sponsorship constraints without having to battle the U.S. legal hawks?
-- Will electing Hillary be the first step towards repealing HR4411?
-- Payment Processing. As one source closes down under governmental pressures, what other alternatives have opened up?
-- Is the subject of money laundering a convenient government play and accusatory topic or is there some sense of reality to it?
-- Asia awaits but it is really the next frontier?
-- Does the UK still reach for a Kleenex when the U.S. sneezes?
-- What is critical mass for "affiliate sites" to off-shore/Internet sportsbooks and when will they enter the danger zones of legal problems?
-- Antigua, the mouse that roared but is ignored. How hollow was the victory they achieved?

IGCE has also announced that registration will be accompanied by reservations for specific luncheon seating with designated speakers on a first come, first serve basis and that attendees cannot sit with the same speaker on both days of the conference.

IGCE has indicated that the venue will be the 5-star Corinthia Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Further, all inquiries regarding speaking at the conference, attendance and sponsorship must be made between now and January 15th, the early bird special is 1095 Euros. On January 15th the conference registration fee will go to 1295 Euros.

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