IGCE To Cover More Topics

1 March 2006

UNITED STATES – (PRESS RELEASE) -- The International Gaming Conference
& Expo (IGCE), slated for April 9th-11th in San Jose, Costa Rica, has
announced that its agenda will incorporate more topics of interest to
attendees than any other conference has ever undertaken in gaming-related

"While networking with one's peers and colleagues is an integral part of
any conference," stated Christopher Dauer, Director of Conferences for The
Sports Network, the developer of the IGCE and other conferences, "the focus
has to be on creating a learning experience atmosphere. We have witnessed too
many conventions and seminars, from Montreal to Amsterdam, London to Las Vegas
that do not truly consider what we call 'the attendance incentive' for those
who are present.

By having a conference that is not an off-the-assembly-line
product from a conference company but, rather, one that has been developed by,
and for, experts within the industry, veterans of conferences worldwide over
the past few decades, we believe that we have achieved the 'need to know'
gathering. That is why," he continued, "we have concentrated upon what
attendees want, what is expected from speakers and the sort of exhibits that
are informative and important to all."

The IGCE, to be held at the Costa Rica Marriott in San Jose, will offer
substantive discussions on virtually every aspect of the interactive gaming
world. The range of those sessions includes speakers such as Mark Mendel, the
lead attorney for Antigua in the case against the U.S. in the WTO, debating
renowned gaming law expert I. Nelson Rose about what the ruling really means
for the industry as the political battle rages on from New York to Minnesota,
Antigua to London, Costa Rica to Malta.

Additionally, world-renowned experts in technology will discuss and
elaborate upon the fact that Internet gambling has become a $10-billion-plus
industry over the past 10 years by rapidly adapting and applying the most
cutting-edge technologies, then pursuing the applications that are to come,
including the potential global explosion of mobile gaming.

Mr. Dauer went on to point out that it's been suggested by more than one
industry leader that skill games could have more revenue potential than any
other gaming outlet as the range and scope of these games continue to attract
new players to the online gaming space. IGCE will address which skill games
are currently succeeding, which have the greatest potential for growth and
whether there are any legal issues operators should be aware of as they
venture forth.

"We intend," he continued, "to address the payment process in detail,
processors, new solutions, fraud & risk management, online security, database
protection, accounting and reconciliation. This is the true heartbeat of the
industry ... banking. At the same time we must address the global revolution,
the one that is spurring international growth of interactive gaming - and the
venues that are best for sportsbooks today.

"And, an absolute must-attend session will be the one where experts will
discuss mergers and acquisitions, preparing and dressing up a company for Wall
Street, the London Exchange ... the IPO."

The IGCE will gather together the leading experts in the industry - gaming
attorneys, investors, analysts, legislators, regulators, marketing firms,
advertisers, sportsbook operators, payment processors, as well as
representatives of technology firms catering to this industry.

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