Juegos Miami 2017 preparations already underway

15 June 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Clarion Events and Urban Expositions have confirmed that preparations for Juegos Miami 2017 are already underway, following the successful completion of the inaugural event, which was extremely well received by supporting companies, conference speakers, attendees and the community of international gaming media alike.

Reflecting on the event, which was held across May 31 – June 3 at The Biltmore Hotel, Miami, Kate Chambers, Managing Director responsible for Clarion's Gaming Division, said: "It's obviously very important that we don't get carried away, because there were issues that did not go as well as we had intended. However, for a launch event, we have been pleased with the outcome and the positive feedback that we have received, confirms this view.

"Our brief from the broad cross section of stakeholders that we consulted with in the development process, was to create a unique event that brought something new, relevant and vibrant to this dynamic part of the gaming economy. We are delighted that across the majority of our KPI's we were able to make that original vision a reality."

She added: "As we do with all of our events, we are working in partnership with our stakeholders to address and remedy any areas that require a different approach and that process is already underway. I am extremely grateful to the Latin American and Caribbean industry for having faith in us as organizers and for supporting Juegos Miami with such passion. I hope that we have shown the ability to apply our development and organizing skills in order to run events which bring value to stakeholders in different continents. On the basis of what we have experienced in Miami, I am certain that this will become a major, must attend event on the industry calendar."

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