Macao Gaming Show re-appoints GB Media to spearhead marketing efforts

20 July 2015

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Macao Gaming Show (November 17-19, 2015, The Venetian Macao Resort-Hotel) has increased its investment in marketing the exhibition internationally over the next two years. Already the fastest growing gaming expo in the world, MGS has re-appointed marketing, media and publishing specialists GB Media Corporation to drive its marketing programme for the 2015-2016 exhibitions.

GB Media devised and launched MGS’s ‘By Asia For The World’ campaign in 2014 and this year’s focus will be to develop the show’s standing as the Asian gaming industry’s leading exhibition. Included in the new campaign will be the launch of the show’s ‘Vision for the future’, which features a broadening of the expo's sector reach designed to dovetail the Macau SAR Government's range of initiatives for developing tourism and entertainment offerings in the region.

John Sullivan, Director of GB Media, commented: “Macao Gaming Show has established its credentials as one of ‘the’ expos to visit over the year. It has the backing of the top 100-150 gaming businesses in the region, it has access to key support from the Macau SAR Government providing grants and subsidies for visitors travelling to the show, and it has a clear vision and strategy for developing MGS into the one stop show in Asia.”

He added: “The Asian industry is full of prospects and opportunities for businesses from all over the world and MGS has all the potential and backing to deliver this. It’s this ambition that makes the show so exciting going forward: MGS is the Asian industry’s stage to display its innovation, its skills and its creativity - it truly is a show by Asia for the world. That’s what makes working on the Macao Gaming Show so unique and GB Media is extremely excited at continuing to help take this project forward to its ultimate goal.”

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