Macao Gaming Show to unveil $30 million original artwork

6 November 2015

(PRESS RELEASES) -- The Asian gaming industry’s premier exhibition, the Macao Gaming Show (MGS), will be displaying a US$30 million-plus work of precious calligraphy art as its centerpiece at the exhibition in a bold step for a casino and entertainment industry show.

The Tung Nga Gallery, the gallery of art in Macau, will be exhibiting the works of a number of artists to its international audience at The Venetian Macao Resort-Hotel (17-19 Nov.).

The main attraction at this creative booth will be the “10,000-meter Scroll Symbolizing Long Life,” a masterpiece of Chinese calligraphy that its creator, Shen Hongyu, spent 15 years completing. Shen Hongyu, Board member of the Global Federation of Innovative Chinese Calligraphy and an expert in the visual arts, will be showcasing his recently completed masterpiece in what is set to be the most diverse and creative exhibition floor MGS has ever seen.

“10,000-meter Scroll Symbolizing Long Life” consists of 100 volumes, each with the Chinese character ‘shou’ (meaning longevity) in 100 different styles. The scroll has a total of 10,000 examples of the character ‘shou’ written in different calligraphy styles, all of them executed by Shen, and embodying the spirit of Chinese traditional culture and a profound philosophical significance.

The transcendent work of art will be on display at The Tung Nga Gallery in booth #V28 at this year’s Macao Gaming Show, which is an enthusiastic host to the piece of art. Fatima Nunes, Secretary General of the influential trade association MGEMA, said: "This is an exciting departure for the show. The Tung Nga Gallery's work has international appeal and is a perfect fit with the cultural development that the industry will be taking over the coming years. The Scroll is a major piece of art, but also an example that our industry is so much more than machines and games - the success of our business is based on its diversity and range of offerings to the visitor."

For more information on the diverse and innovative line-up of exhibitors at this year’s exhibition, visit the exhibitor list on the Macao Gaming Show website.

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