Mid-Atlantic Gaming Congress to Examine Prospects for Legal Internet Gambling

9 May 2001

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey – (Press Release) -- May 9, 2001 -- A panel of Internet gaming experts will convene at the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Congress on May 24, 2001 to discuss the reality and advisability of legalizing online wagering in the United States.

With legislation pending in New Jersey and Nevada and in nations around the world, the future of Internet gaming could be decided within the next year. As usual, attendees at the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Congress will learn about cutting-edge gaming issues before they happen.

Brian Ford, National Director of the Gaming Industry Services Group for Ernst & Young, an organizer of the Gaming Congress, says Internet gaming is the next logical step for the industry. ``The most exciting development in modern gaming was the computer,' says Ford. ``From slot machines to monitoring equipment we have moved to virtual casinos on the Internet. Usually the jurisdictions in the United States have set the path for others to follow. With the virtual casino others have led the way. We have assembled a world- class panel to bring us up to date on this virtual and live-casino world and the scramble to meet the needs of the online gaming community.'

Members of the panel include:

-- Steve Donahue, a leading gaming consultant from Great Britain where he
has been involved with many of the legal Internet casinos and one of
the true "experts" on the cyber casino world. He is the managing
partner of the Gambling Consultancy Limited, one of the world's
premier consulting firms.

-- Lee Richardson, the Chief Operating Officer of EUROBET. England has
had betting facilities throughout their country where bets can be
placed on sporting events worldwide. They have had telephone betting
for years, so it is not surprising that England has legal Internet
betting. EUROBET is a leader in both onshore betting within England
and offshore betting through their overseas website where bettors
from around the world can place their wagers.

-- dee dee Molnick, CEO of the Home Gambling Network, Inc., holder of the
patent for the software that brings the live casino experience to the
Internet, with the convenience of electronic banking transfers.

-- Fernando DiCarlo, an executive with Internet Gaming Software Solutions
out of Toronto Canada. DiCarlo is going to review the evolution of
Internet gaming software.

-- Sebastian Sinclair from Christiansen Capital Advisors will report on
the size of the "cyberworld" in the United States. Sinclair will
demonstrate that the numbers are more significant than anyone might

The Mid-Atlantic Gaming Congress has become an important forum for industry leaders to put forth new ideas and map out the casino industry's future.

The Gaming Congress will also present the ``Fleet National Bank Career Contribution Award' to Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., the President and CEO of the American Gaming Association. In addition, the conference will feature panels of ``Industry Leaders,' the leaders of several of the top companies and leading Wall Street analysts.

Organizing sponsors of the conference are: Gaming Industry Observer, an award-winning newsletter and research service that tracks trends that impact the gaming industry; the law firm of Cooper Perskie April Niedelman Wagenheim & Levenson, P.A., an Atlantic City firm with one of the world's leading gaming practices; Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, which has an international reputation for academic excellence; and the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, LLP, recognized for its expertise in gaming and entertainment.

For more information on attending or sponsoring the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Congress, call 609-272-0900.

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