National Council of Legislators Focus on Online Gambling

2 December 2003

LAS VEGAS – As reported by Bloodhorse: "Issues related to the loss of tax dollars from Internet wagering will come into focus when state legislators from across the country meet in Las Vegas to focus on public policy questions related to Internet, casino, and other forms of gaming. The occasion will be the 2004 Winter Meeting of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) at Harrah's Las Vegas on the January 9-11 weekend.

"In announcing the conference, Florida State Senator and NCLGS president Steven A. Geller said: `Lost revenues from Internet gambling could be a budget-buster issue in many states. As state legislators continue to face severe revenue shortfalls going into 2004, the dollars illegally siphoned by offshore gaming platforms demand that public policy makers seriously address Internet wagering issues in their own states, and that they begin to interface and work in concert with Congress on the issue.'

"…`The NCLGS Las Vegas meeting will afford legislators responsible for gaming policy a forum to discuss and take concerted action on Internet wagering and other gaming issues.'…"

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