NIGA Hosts Successful Conference

16 July 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Wednesday, the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) concluded a two-day Summer Legislative Summit, which took place in several locations on Capitol Hill. The theme of the Summit was 'Agreements Between Governments Do Not Die.'

One-hundred-and-eighty Tribal leaders, NIGA Associate Members and others registered for the Summit, making it the most highly attended legislative summit in NIGA history. Twenty-one Members of Congress addressed the delegates at a reception held in the Rayburn House Office Building on Tuesday evening, and at a Wednesday morning session in the LBJ Room of the U.S. Capitol.

The two-day summit also provided time for delegates to meet with their Senators and Representatives about many of the critical issues facing Tribal government gaming and to spread the message that "Indian gaming is benefiting America."

"NIGA's legislative summits and other NIGA meetings that bring large gatherings of Tribal leaders and NIGA Associate Members are critical to the mission of NIGA, which is to educate Congress, the news media and the general public about the positive impact of Indian gaming on all communities – Native and non-Native," said NIGA Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr. "Once again, Tribes have come to Washington, D.C., united in our desire to let our elected officials know that Indian Country has a strong voice on Capitol Hill and to let our Congress people know that Tribes will never falter as we strive to ensure that our sovereignty and the rights of Tribal governments are protected now and for future generations."

The National Indian Gaming Association is a non-profit trade association comprised of 184 American Indian Nations and other non-voting associate members. The common commitment and purpose of NIGA is to advance the lives of Indian people – economically, socially and politically. NIGA operates as a clearinghouse and educational, legislative and public policy resource for Tribes, policymakers and the public on Indian gaming issues and tribal community development.

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