Rebecca's Recommendations - May 11, 2007

11 May 2007

Rebecca's Recommendations
Dear Casino City Readers,

Here we go again. Back from another online gaming event full of meetings, dinners, lunches, parties, late nights, and NO SLEEP. None. Ok, fine. Maybe five hours total. Anyway, I'm going to try something new today. I have put together two different stories about my experiences in Amsterdam- one for online gaming affiliates and affiliate programs, and another for Casino City players. If you are an affiliate or affiliate program, you can find the Amsterdam Gossip in the GPWA Times. Not signed up? It's ok. I forgive you. For the players, I would like to mention a few gaming sites that took extremely good care of me and did nothing but impress me during my one week in the sin city of Europe. You know, I am not sure which is worse...Amsterdam or least in Vegas most sins are committed behind closed doors. Amsterdam? It's right out there in the open for all to see. Like, I saw men negotiating, entering, and curtains closing. Lovely.

Prostitution and other sins aside, I would like to start with mentioning the Bodog team and how much I love them. Everyone I have spent time with from this company is a class act. as a media and digital entertainment company is a class act. I really cannot say enough good things about these guys, especially those who were with me in Amsterdam. In addition to treating me to a fabulous dinner on the first night, I spent just about every other night with the Bodog crew because, to be honest, they have become very good friends of mine and I cannot stay away! Throughout the week I heard all about Bodog as an online gaming site in addition to Bodog Fight and Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker 2. Amazing what these guys are doing- please check it out for yourself- there is so much to take in and enjoy.

Next I would like to mention my friends over at Europa Casino, Titan Poker and Bingo Day UK- another group of individuals that I absolutely love and cannot wait to see again. This team is always looking for ways to improve their online gaming sites and constantly creating new products that appeal to players worldwide. I have never come across such a hard working group that does everything to keep relationships with players and business partners (such as Casino City) happy and satisfied. For example, this team hosted a conference wide party at one of Amsterdam's upscale urban clubs with an open bar and food for over 500 people- competitors included. As you can see, it is my pleasure to work with this bunch. In addition to the three online gaming sites mentioned above, this team also represents the very well established Casino Tropez, the female facing Cameo Casino, in addition to Casino Del Rio and Vegas Red.

Ok, I think that's it for now. I am tired. I am still recovering. One last thing though...please be sure to review the six bonus offers I have put together for this weeks edition of Online Casino City Times. I spent quality time with the team behind each of these sites in Amsterdam and I highly recommend every one of them!

Happy Mother's Day,


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