Rebecca's Recommendations - May 18, 2007

16 May 2007

Rebecca's Recommendations

Dear Casino City Readers,

Yes, I found my phone. It was at Caselli's Amsterdam apartment, remember? Evil. He is evil. Anyway, throughout the course of this past week, a large number of my online gaming contacts asked me if I was able to find my phone (for those of you who did not actually see me flip out, I "misplaced" my cheap little international phone when I was slightly intoxicated one night in Amsterdam). Here is the best part- many of the people who asked about the phone were not even at the conference- they just heard about it. Impressive, Rebecca. So now that Amsterdam is over and done with, the focus now shifts to CAP Spring Break, the next online gaming affiliate event. Why should affiliates and affiliate program managers make a point to attend this event? I will tell you. Please take a look at my top five reasons below.

1) Everyone loves a little "friendly networking".
As Casino Affiliate Programs suggests, at CAP Spring Break attendees will be able to "grow affiliate relationships through friendly networking". Sure, if by "friendly" you mean drunk and disorderly, or better yet, borderline sexual. Seriously though, I really think relaxed networking is the best way to do business and grow existing relationships. Try not to lose your phone though.

2) I know it's generic, but...Woo will be there. In her bikini.
I don't care if you are male, female, gay, straight or asexual- you cannot help but appreciate the sight of Gambling 911's Jenny Woo in her bikini. It's ok, you are not a pervert. We all feel the same way.

3) Calvin will be there!
Ok, fine. Maybe he won't. Got your attention though, didn't I.

4) Speaker Presentations.
Yes, I am serious. The CAP Spring Break panel discussion includes our very own Casino City CEO and GPWA Executive Director, Michael Corfman, CAP's Lou Fabiano, Dominique, J Todd, Shane from Jackpot City, Gordon and Jan from Slotland. I don't know about you, but I would actually pay money to observe a conversation between Michael, The Professor, Dom and J Todd. Don't care what the subject is.

5) Simon Eaton.
What else can I say? I am in love.

You want to go to CAP Spring Break now, don't you. Great. Registration is easy. See you there!

Moving on from affiliate events, I have promised my good friend from Prime Gaming that I would introduce Casino City players to his new casino and poker sites, Prime Casino and Prime Poker. Since its launch in late March, Prime Casino has offered over 200 games, superior graphics, and all the amenities of a Microgaming casino. With a progressive jackpot approaching 1.8 million GBPs, players must sign up, claim a 100% up to 100 GBP bonus, and start playing right away! Launched in late February, Prime Poker offers players the opportunity to blog and personalize their playing experience- this way players become part of a community rather than just a visitor. In addition to offering a selection of tournaments, Prime Poker offers a 50% welcome bonus up to $100, a 15% reload bonus, and a $50 refer a friend bonus. Enjoy and good luck!

Until next week,

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