Return to Macau in 2006 for Asian Gaming Expo

19 July 2005

MACAU -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Due to overwhelming demand from exhibitors and participants at this year's Asian
Gaming Expo, organisers have announced they will return to Macau to host the event
again in June 2006.

The decision was made by the Board of the Australasian Gaming Machine
Manufacturers Association (AGMMA) which met last week to finalise the dates and
locations of three major international gaming expos it will host next year.
Auckland was selected for the 2006 New Zealand Gaming Expo on February 22-23,
Sydney, Australia, will host the 2006 Australasian Gaming Expo on September 3-5, and

Macau came up trumps as the host city of the 2006 Asian Gaming Expo on June 13-14.

AGMMA Executive Officer Ross Ferrar said the decision to return to Macau was based
on the city's strong position in the Asian gaming market.

"There is no other destination in the Asian region that currently parallels Macau's size,
revenue or growth potential in terms of gaming," Mr Ferrar said.
"We had intended to return to Macau in 2007, but we could not ignore the interest from
both exhibitors and participants for the Expo to be held in Macau again next year."

Mr Ferrar said the Board had considered two other Asian venues for the 2006 Expo but
had eventually decided in favour of Macau, as it is the world's most exciting new gaming

"Macau Tower is simply spectacular, the city is rich in culture and the local people are
tremendous which creates a fantastic atmosphere for the event.
"Macau is undoubtedly the best option for the 2006 Asian Gaming Expo."

The 2006 Expo will have a similar format to this year's event which included a trade
exhibition, industry conference and investment forum.

Mr Ferrar said the 2005 Asian Gaming Expo was a huge success, largely due to the fact
it was held in Macau.
"The success of the Expo is indicative of the success Macau's gaming tourism industry
is experiencing and will continue to experience in years to come.
"This year we had to double the exhibition space originally booked to allow for the huge
level of international interest in the event, and even then the floor space had sold out
with 20 companies left on the waiting list."

Preparations are now well underway for this year's Australasian Gaming Expo in
The event will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre at Darling
Harbour on August 21-23, 2005.

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