SAGSE recap

24 September 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Now the dust has settled from the standout SAGSE event in Buenos Aires, Patagonia Entertainment took some time to reflect and share some of the findings from one of the leading global iGaming exhibitions.

Patagonia Entertainment’s innovative partnership with SiGMA saw the inaugural launch of the Alpha Boot Camp. The mission was to bring companies together to discuss the latest trends and market developments in the iGaming space. It proved hugely successful as over 150 top-quality operators and suppliers from all around the globe met together for the conference

Debate and discussion was led by Patagonia Entertainment and covered regulation, the potential affiliate impact in Latam, the importance of localization and the technology required to cater for those local behaviors.

Colombia’s move to regulate the iGaming market has led to several other countries in Latam looking at following in its footsteps. Figures reveal that since Colombia regulated it has significantly increased tax revenues for the government and also moved the industry into a safe, legal space. Government is then able to reinvest this new financial resource into vital services like health care and transport.

Regulation grants operators the freedom of acting across the board based on specifics dictated by a government authority. There are lots more countries evaluating regulation and we’re carefully watching these developments. Rumors continue to circulate about Peru, Brazil and perhaps Mexico is not too far in the distant future.

Affiliates are another area of interest for Latam. The affiliates model was barely on the radar until a few years ago and there is huge potential for the industry to grow as the practice matures. MundiAffiliates launched recently to help increase operators’ exposure and we expect big returns from this vertical. The affiliate market is acquiring intelligence from other markets such as Europe all the time and this will greatly benefit Latam.

Affiliates and regulation are two huge factors, but neither will help companies make the most of Latam without an in-depth understanding of local markets and behaviors. Latam is different from Europe, the culture, the language and just the simple fact of bettors’ preferences. With that said, foreign companies who are growing commercially have done so through local partnerships where they can share knowledge and culture.

Patagonia Entertainment is deeply rooted in Latin America and the business has unrivaled local knowledge of language and markets. Innovative technology, coupled with great business relationships with leading content providers makes the solution the perfect fit to unlock the potential of the Latin America.

Local adapted technology
An extension of understanding local behaviors and desires is being able to offer the right technology, content and platform to meet demand. Payment methods are also vitally important to get right and that all creates a perfect user experience for your targeted audience. The Latino gaming populations’ fascination with iGaming continues to grow and with that, the betting community gets smarter. Providing the right tools and products is the hardest challenge, but those who listen and get it right will realize the massive potential of Latam.

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