SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 keynote speaker announced

31 August 2022

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Matthew Ball, metaverse trailblazer, pioneering tech authority and bestselling author, will deliver a keynote at SBC's flagship event — the SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 conference and trade show.

Ball's thoughts are certain to appeal to the SBC Summit Barcelona delegates, as he has played a monumental role in understanding the metaverse and emerged as one of the most influential voices associated with the concept.

His book 'The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionise Everything' has been praised by the likes of Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic Games, Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony and Reed Hastings, co-Founder and co-CEO of Netflix. The latter had described Ball's work as "separating fact from fiction, hype from reality" and a "foundational reading for anyone that wants to understand the possibilities of the Metaverse."

In his live-broadcasted keynote titled 'The Metaverse,' the bestselling author will provide the definition of the much-debated concept, explain when it might emerge, the technologies that are required, and most importantly, how the metaverse will change the world we live in.

Matthew Ball commented: "The Metaverse will come to affect every person, sector, and country, creating new jobs, pass times, and business models. This is a multi-trillion dollar event — and sports betting and iGaming are likely to be among the first categories it will transform."

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