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30 September 2011

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Shuffle Master, Inc. today announced it will Deliver More with a broad portfolio of new products and innovations during the Global Gaming Expo ("G2E") in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 4-6, booth #1241. Shuffle Master's will demonstrate how its product innovations are designed to deliver more profitability to casino operators and more fun and excitement to players.

"G2E provides the perfect opportunity for Shuffle Master to demonstrate once again why it stands out above the rest," said Gavin Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer of Shuffle Master. "Our core message of 'delivering more' is extensive and touches on many themes. We deliver more by providing one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry, by remaining laser-focused on customer service, and by anticipating the needs of the gaming industry with forward-looking innovations like i-Table Roulette(TM). This year's exhibit will highlight how technology is at the heart of all that we do; be it our latest advancements in providing security and efficiency to casino operators or enhancing the player experience by leveraging our strong brands across various channels like online and mobile gaming."

The exhibit will spotlight key innovations from the Company's five product categories -- utility products, specialty table games, e-tables, slot machines, and i-gaming - and will serve to highlight how Shuffle Master delivers...

...More Access to Content with the Introduction of Shuffle Interactive(TM) G2E will mark the debut of Shuffle Interactive(TM), which will serve to fulfill operators' online needs by leveraging Shuffle Master's strong brands and compelling content across multiple online and mobile devices. Superior graphics and playability will be standard on all Shuffle Interactive applications. The Shuffle Interactive platform seamlessly integrates into any online casino or third-party platform and can deliver content on nearly any device including PC, Mac, Betting Terminals, iOS and Android. Shuffle Interactive will formally launch in December of 2011 with Three Card Poker(TM) and Ultimate Texas Hold'em(R); however, demonstrations of its advanced capabilities will be available in the booth during the show.

...More Cutting-Edge Technology with New i-Table(TM) Innovations Shuffle Master expanded its i-Table(TM) suite with single-deck specialty games that use the Company's i-Deal(R) shuffler. The i-Table's automated betting and wager resolution process dramatically increases game security, accuracy and speed, resulting in more rounds per hour while eliminating errors, a key advantage on specialty table games that have complex paytables with high odds and complicated payouts. The i-Table can also connect to back-of-house player tracking systems that allow casino customers to rate, track, and comp their player base.

All i-Table games on display at G2E will feature richer, more intuitive graphic interfaces tied together with existing and newly developed content. Additionally, Shuffle Master will introduce several new innovations for the i-Table including:

i-Table Roulette(TM) - Expanding upon its i-Table platform, Shuffle Master will present the i-Table Roulette, which features a roulette table with a live wheel, ball and dealer, and has an identical footprint to a traditional table. The i-Table Roulette provides all the added functionality and benefits of electronic wagering. The i-Table Roulette's graphically-enhanced central display screen replicates a felt layout, and virtual betting stations resolve all bets accurately and instantaneously. Spins per hour significantly increase, errors are virtually eliminated, and table productivity more than doubles. The i-Table Roulette's stunning graphics, intuitive interface and inherent game-integrity enhance the experience for both the player and the dealer.

King's Bounty(TM) for i-Table - Delivering even more excitement to the i-Table, the new King's Bounty side bet for i-Table Blackjack will make its debut at the show. King's Bounty allows players to get paid odds for any total of 20 on their first two cards. King's Bounty will join two of Shuffle Master's other blackjack side bets on i-Table -- Royal Match 21(R) and Bet the Set "21"(R). Because all wagers are reconciled simultaneously with little to no downtime or errors, the i-Table platform allows for seamless integration of multiple side bets.

Bad Beat Bonus(TM) for i-Table Specialty Games -- Shuffle Master will unveil Bad Beat Bonus for i-Table Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold'em. Bad Beat Bonus is the third side bet offered for i-Table Three Card Poker, with Progressive and 6 Card Bonus(TM) being the two others, and the first side bet for i-Table Ultimate Texas Hold'em. The Bad Beat Bonus for i-Table Three Card Poker allows the player to be paid odds if either the player or the dealer loses with a pair or better, and for Ultimate Texas Hold'em, three-of-a-kind or better.

...More Fun with an Impressive Lineup of New Specialty Table Games Six new specialty games will be on display at the show and Roger Snow, the Company's Executive Vice President and head game designer, says this is the best crop he has ever seen.

"The toughest part for us this year was whittling it down to only six titles," said Snow, who has developed some of the industry's most popular table games, including Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Four Card Poker(TM) and the baccarat side bet Dragon Bonus(R). "We believe we have a very different approach to game creation than most people or most companies. We really labor over the process of acquiring or creating games, often looking at more than 100 games a year and typically only doing deals for two or three of them. We work internally on another 30 or so ideas or concepts and we go forward with three, maybe four. It's an intense process, but very rewarding when we are able to put this quality of product in front of customers."

Shuffle Master's will introduce the following new games:

Cincinnati 7 Card Stud(TM) - the only Shuffle Master game to offer a free-odds pot bet. Players and the dealer compete to see who has the highest hand in any particular round, and the winner collects the pot. Because the house does not rake the pot, there is no house advantage.

Ultimate Three Card Poker Progressive Face Up(TM) - puts two twists on the most popular proprietary table game of all time. The dealer shows one of his three cards and players may "triple down" when they have a good hand.

Money Market(TM) - an aggressive betting game that features head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bad beat bonus.

Fortune San Lo Poker(TM) - gives players the ultimate in card control as they arrange their six cards into three distinct poker hands.

Power Blackjack(TM) - gives players some of the most valuable options ever seen on a 21 table. Players may split any hard 15s or 16s, and they may re-draw a double down card if they don't like it.

Six Card Poker(TM) - a heads up game against the dealer. Players and the dealer each get six cards to make their best five-card poker hand. In this game, the dealer exposes three of his six cards, enabling players to make a more informed decision on how to play their own hand.

...More Profitability from Latest Advances in Progressives Technology This year's exhibit will also feature a progressive version of Ultimate Three Card Poker Face Up(TM). Chip sensors embedded in the table allow players to place an optional jackpot wager to potentially win fixed prizes or a continuously incrementing progressive jackpot. Shuffle Master recently introduced an inter-casino linked progressive feature that enables operators to link progressive tables across a number of properties. Additionally, progressive tables within a single property can be linked wirelessly.

...More of an Edge with High-Performance Games for the Equinox(TM) Cabinet Housed in the stylish new Equinox cabinet, Shuffle Master will showcase its wide variety of slot machine titles that feature stunning graphics, enticing progressive jackpots and rewarding free game features. Since its introduction to the Australian marketplace last year, the Equinox cabinet has witnessed phenomenal success, doubling year-on-year ship share and branching into other non-U.S. markets. This year's lineup will spotlight ten titles exclusively for the Latin American market offered in dual-language (English and Spanish), including:

Cats, Hats & Bats(TM) - Players will have a witchingly good time with Shuffle Master's new two-level standalone progressive ("SAP") Cats, Hats & Bats. Players will have the chance to win up to 13 free games and the screen-trembling Bat Splat(TM) feature awards prizes up to 16 times.

Pink Panther Returns(TM)(1) -- Players will be tickled pink by Shuffle Master's new three-level SAP. Supported by an expansive game library offering exciting features, jackpot and credit prizes, the world's coolest cat is finally here and ready to stand out from the crowd.

Eureka Goldmine 2(TM) -- Shuffle Master's new 2-level SAP rewards players with 12 free games and a Mine Ride feature awarding either a credit prize or jackpot prize.

...More Security through Enhanced Shuffling Technology World-renowned for their exceptional engineering and unparalleled performance, Shuffle Master's card shufflers are designed to increase table game productivity, profitability and security. The new MD3(TM) shuffler demonstrates the advanced capabilities of the latest shuffling technology. Using industry-proven optical card-reading technology, the MD3 scans and verifies pre-shuffled blackjack and baccarat decks right at the table. Featuring an innovative platform and gripper system, the MD3 counts and shuffles up to eight decks of cards quickly and quietly, and significantly reduces wear and tear, making cards last longer. The MD3 also features an optional on-board ticket printer that produces a receipt of the deck verification results right at the table.

"Looking at the depth and breadth of our product lineup at G2E, our three-pronged approach to product development is very evident," said Isaacs. "All of our products are designed to do one of three things: they either enhance and strengthen a current product, like the MD3 shuffler and the Bad Beat Bonus side bet, evolve our current offerings, like inter-casino linked progressives and the Equinox cabinet, or they are game-changers that represent the future, like the i-Table and Shuffle Interactive. I am confident that this theme - and our core message of delivering more - will resonate with all audiences at the show."

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