"The Math That Gaming Made, 5th Edition" book will be at G2E in Las Vegas

1 September 2023

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Dr. Ralph Thomas and Andrew Cardno, revered casino industry data scientists, announced the imminent release of their eighth book, "The Math That Gaming Made, 5th Edition." This edition is unique in that it will incorporate their previously celebrated work, "QCI Beginner's Guide to Database Marketing." The synergy of these two works will provide a dive into both the mathematical intricacies of gaming and the nuances of database marketing.

"The Math That Gaming Made, 5th Edition" offers a deep exploration into the symbiotic relationship between mathematics and the world of gaming. Building on the success of its previous editions, this book demonstrates how the evolution of gaming is profoundly influenced by mathematical principles. Moreover, it equips readers with the understanding of these concepts to herald future innovations.

"With the integration of our 'QCI Beginner's Guide to Database Marketing' into this edition, we are aiming to offer readers a holistic insight into the casino industry – bridging the mathematical intricacies with effective marketing strategies," said Thomas.

Cardno added, "This combined work epitomizes the marriage of gaming and math. Capturing the essence in its fifth edition, we aim to bridge the gap for both professionals and enthusiasts. From grasping game dynamics to predicting outcomes and sculpting triumphant strategies, 'The Math That Gaming Made' provides an exhaustive view of the industry's mathematical foundations coupled with its marketing prowess."

Buddy Frank, a long-time advocate of Dr. Thomas and Mr. Cardno's work, commented, "After their monumental guide on database marketing, 'The Math That Gaming Made' promises to be a pivotal read for anyone keen on understanding the analytical facets of gaming."

For those interested in securing a copy of "The Math That Gaming Made, 5th Edition", Thomas and Cardno will be showcasing their new book at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2023 gaming show in Las Vegas this October. This book reinforces their reputation as industry thought leaders, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to providing professionals with extensive knowledge and tools in the ever-evolving realm of casino gaming, data analytics, and marketing.

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