Trade body confirms Macao Gaming Show is 'here to stay'

16 November 2015

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA), the influential trade body behind the Macao Gaming Show, will confirm at tomorrow's opening ceremony that the rapidly expanding international exhibition and summit "is here to stay."

Jay Chun, chairman of the organization, will deliver the key message concerning the show's long-term plan when he officially declares the 2015 edition of MGS open for business.

Ahead of the declaration, MGEMA officials will be joined on the ceremony platform by representatives of the Macau SAR government, government agency and sponsor the Macao Foundation, the show's co-organizing groups and senior figures from Macau's entertainment and gaming industry.

During his opening speech, Mr. Chun will confirm the association's long-term backing for the Macao Gaming Show and its associated summit, and draw reference to the exhibition's commitment to extending its remit by supporting the region's objective to diversify its economy.

In his commentary, Mr. Chun will declare: "This year is only MGS' third showing — still relatively young for an exhibition on the international stage. However, we are a show with huge aspirations, and we look forward to a long term future ahead of us. And as such, MGS can start to express itself in a bolder, more confident way. And that means driving our focus, not just on the most significant entertainment developments and trends in the core industry, but also beyond that and into broader business opportunities in Macau and the entire Asia Pacific region."

The MGEMA chief will pay tribute to the support of the Macau SAR Government and the various departments who have played a crucial role in the show's development.

Chun will continue: "Macau is a city in transition. It has a clear mission to develop into a tourism and cultural hub, with an infrastructure that fits a major 21st century destination. The Macao Gaming Show is a mirror image of this ambition: over the next 5 to 10 years, we will build a show that takes the entertainment and gaming industry on to new levels. Innovation, technological development, creativity and vision — this will be the driving force behind the show's objectives in the coming years. Macau and Asia is a vast market of opportunity, and MGS must serve as that gateway. The exhibition will develop and evolve — just like the economic model of Macau, and indeed like Las Vegas and other significant destinations — into an all-encompassing, one-stop show delivering every element that our business needs. Finance, investment, top grade engineering and manufacturing, cutting edge technology, creative games and entertainment and top-notch hospitality.

"It may be a few years ahead, but this is where the Macao Gaming Show is heading. And with increasing visitors, increasing exhibitors and the key support of Government and Macau's top business, this vision is certainly attainable. We had already set our sights on becoming the number one show in Asia, but our aspirations go further than that. MGS is a show owned and run by the industry, there is no reason why we cannot stand side by side with the exhibition leaders in the world."

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